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Athletics include track and field games. Track games include running while field games include jumping and throws. I used to participate in track games that in 200m and 400m and one field game that is long jump. I had been participating in athletics since grade 5 in school competitions. Every year our school used to organize the sports day and it was my school sports department teachers who noticed my capabilities and encouraged me to participate in higher level competitions and helped me to face each and every difficulty . From grade 8 I started participating in various higher level competition. Day by day athletics became such an important thing in life. Everyday i used to go for practice sessions with my friend and we both used to practice hard there. My friend and parent motivated a lot and I really worked hard on it and always remain determined towards athletics. I used to participate in track games that is in 200m and 400m and one field game that is long jump.
Every time when I achieved any position in the competition I become more determined. I have noticed a lot of change in my life due to athletics as I had learnt a lot. Most importantly it helped me to have self-confidence and discipline in my life. To keep continuing everyday I go for a jogging in the evening moreover summer is going on. Furthermore, I am looking forward to join some of the athletics groups in the college so as to continue my passion.I always like to learn and experience new things that is why athletics had become passion for me.
When I started using the social media sites like Facebook , Instagram . I joined many pages and got to learn from the experiences of the others.
Instagram: This place is something where thee athlete experience 2 type of feeling. One when an athlete has to start with great heart thumping and once finished it gaves a great relief and happiness

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