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…she weaves her narrative with peerless depth, crafting a legacy that stands her tall amid the giants of industry.

Bella Adenuga-Disu

Amid the towering genii of Nigeria’s corporate world, Bella Disu rises like a phoenix, her wings outspread in a blaze of entrepreneurial brilliance. To many, being a billionaire’s daughter assured her a life of perpetual ease and privilege, but the daughter of Adenuga shatters such facetious typecasts.

Despite her pedigree, she would not be pigeonholed as yet another heiress cruising life on easy mode. Her journey thus far is a testament to a life of courage, purpose, and a fierce determination to carve her legacy.


Like a skilled artisan, she weaves her narrative with peerless depth, crafting a legacy that stands her tall amid the giants of industry.

Sitting at the helms of Cobblestone Properties and Estates, a renowned property development company, Bella has made remarkable forays into the real estate sector. Since she assumed office as Cobblestone’s CEO in November 2011, Bella has pioneered landmark developments across favoured Nigerian locations. The company boasts a comprehensive portfolio of residential and commercial properties, including iconic landmarks like Bella’s Place, The Mall, Ile-Oja at Opebi (Ikeja), and Sisi Paris. Each project reflects Bella’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Cobblestone Properties and Estates, under Bella’s leadership, has completed 12 projects and has 7 ongoing ones, each setting benchmarks in quality and design.

Bella’s ascent in the business world is not merely a tale of inherited privilege but one of relentless pursuit of excellence, where every step forward is marked by strategic acumen and visionary leadership. Her narrative resounds an opus of dedication and foresight, announcing her ascent as a major force in the league of African business leaders.

Emerging from the illustrious shadow of her father, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr., founder of Globacom and Conoil, she has soared to unprecedented heights, her journey powered by ambition and the resilience of her indomitable spirit.

Bella’s story is one of rebirth and renewal, where each challenge met and conquered has forged her into a formidable titan of industry. Her presence in the corporate arena is a testament to her indomitable will and unparalleled innovation and growth capacity.

Through perseverance, hard work, and administrative genius, she carved her distinct path to acclaim in the corporate business world; thus, today, Bella Disu is a name that resonates with elegance, intellect, and resilience.

Bella has not only asserted her own worth but also crafted a niche as a brilliant business magnate. Her journey, marked by relentless determination and visionary support from her father, exemplifies the essence of the African adage: “The youngster who knows how to wash her hands properly will eventually wine and dine with the elders.”

A Beacon in the Business Realm

From the moment Bella Adenuga was born, she was clearly destined for greatness. Growing up in an environment where excellence was not just expected but cultivated, Bella’s precocious mind led her to the University of Massachusetts, Boston, at the tender age of 14. Her academic pursuits set the stage for a future brimming with promise, laying a solid foundation for her to enter the corporate world.

Since joining Globacom in 2004, Bella has been an indomitable force. Rising through the ranks with a blend of ingenuity and hard work, she now serves as the Executive Vice Chairman. She represents her father on the global stage in this role, engaging with international leaders and steering the company to new heights. Her colleagues and friends admire her for her business acumen and ability to maintain a low profile, eschewing the ostentation often associated with billionaire heirs.

Bella Adenuga’s rise to prominence in Nigeria’s corporate world is a testament to her indomitable spirit and visionary leadership. From the outset, she has exhibited a unique blend of strategic foresight and operational excellence, transforming Globacom into Nigeria’s premier digital services provider. Her ability to navigate the complexities of the telecom industry, coupled with her relentless drive for innovation, has cemented her status as a formidable business titan. Bella’s contributions extend beyond telecoms, as she has successfully diversified her portfolio to include real estate and manufacturing, demonstrating her versatility and acumen in various sectors.

Transforming Globacom: A Leader in Digital Services

As the executive vice-chairperson, Bella has been instrumental in positioning Globacom as Nigeria’s largest provider of digital services. Her expertise in contract negotiation and project management has driven the successful execution of significant projects, including the $800 million Glo-1 fibre-optic cable from the UK to Nigeria. This resilience was highlighted recently when Glo-1 remained operational despite widespread internet disruptions in Nigeria.

Her leadership has also seen the expansion of Globacom’s strategic business units, such as Glo Mobile, Glo Broad Access, and Glo Gateway. Bella’s strategic vision and innovative approach have propelled Globacom to become Nigeria’s top digital services provider, driving growth and setting industry standards.

Her leadership style is characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a profound understanding of the market dynamics. Bella’s strategic initiatives have propelled Globacom to new heights and positioned her as a thought leader in Nigeria’s business community. Her achievements in expanding Globacom’s infrastructure, particularly the development of the Glo-1 fibre-optic cable, underscore her visionary approach and technical expertise. Bella’s ability to spearhead significant projects and drive sustainable growth has earned her a place among Nigeria’s most influential business leaders.

Multifaceted Leadership: Real Estate and Manufacturing

Beyond telecoms, Bella helms Cobblestone Properties, a renowned property development company. Cobblestone Properties and Estates, under Bella’s leadership, has completed 12 projects and has 7 ongoing ones, each setting benchmarks in quality and design. Her expertise in high-stakes contract negotiation and project management ensures the successful execution of these developments. The Capital has discovered several properties developed by Cobblestone, underscoring her role in shaping Nigeria’s real estate landscape.

Bella’s Place: A pinnacle of corporate sophistication and luxury in Victoria Island, Lagos, with six expansive floors dedicated to premium rental office spaces, fostering a thriving environment for businesses.

Sisi Paris: Located in Ikoyi, offering modern luxury living with 18 spacious apartments and an exclusive penthouse, each adorned with vibrant façade and lush surroundings.

Niger Towers: In Ikoyi, comprising twin towers offering a total of 36 sophisticated flats, combining elegance with privacy.

Ilé Ọjà Victoria Island: A premium retail mall featuring 14 uniquely designed spaces across two floors, offering convenience and luxury.

Ilé Ọjà Òpébí: A newly developed shopping mall in Ikeja’s Opebi area, offering spacious retail spaces designed for modern business needs.

Her leadership extends to Abumet Nigeria, a leading glass and aluminum manufacturing company, where she serves as Chairman. Her strategic insights have also significantly influenced Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, where she holds a Non-Executive Director position, contributing to the company’s diversification into the agro-allied industry.

 Empowering Women, Transforming Africa

Bella’s commitment to social impact is as profound as her business acumen. As founder and chairperson of the Bella Disu Foundation, she drives programs in education, health, and disaster relief, aiming to improve socio-economic conditions in underserved communities. She advocates for women’s empowerment through the SheGlows Program, fostering a supportive ecosystem for women’s professional growth.

Reflecting on her early career, Bella remarked, “When I started off at 18, I looked around and didn’t see many young women like me high up in organizations. I wished for a mentor who could groom and inspire me. Now, I want to pass on the message that balance is not just a hashtag.”

Building Cultural Bridges: The Alliance Française Mike Adenuga Centre

One of Bella’s proudest achievements is the Alliance Française Mike Adenuga Centre in Lagos, a project commissioned by French President Emmanuel Macron. This cultural hub, which includes an amphitheatre and a café, reflects her vision of merging French and Nigerian cultures. The centre stands as a testament to her love for the arts and commitment to fostering cultural exchange.

 Personal Reflections and Aspirations

Despite her demanding career, Bella balances her professional responsibilities with her love for family, arts, and simple pleasures. She delights in motherhood, ensuring she picks up and drops off her children at school whenever possible. Her passion for music, particularly gospel, and her love for theatre add layers to her multifaceted personality.

Fitness, culinary arts, and travel enrich her life, with each activity reflecting her meticulous attention to detail and quality. As she celebrates her 38th birthday, Bella’s wish is rooted in giving, marking her special day by addressing societal needs and making impactful contributions.

 Legacy of a Modern Icon

Bella Adenuga is not merely a business leader; she is a symbol of modern femininity, a paragon of elegance intertwined with audacity. Her life is a tapestry of vibrant threads, each representing her roles as a daughter, mother, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. As she steps into another year, Bella continues to inspire with her unwavering dedication to excellence and heartfelt commitment to making the world a better place. Bella Adenuga remains a radiant beacon of hope, brilliance, and boundless possibility in every shade and role.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Bella’s dedication to social impact and women’s empowerment sets her apart as a leader who is not only successful but also compassionate and forward-thinking. Through her foundation and various initiatives, she has championed the cause of education, health, and gender equality, making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals. Bella’s holistic approach to leadership, encompassing both business success and social responsibility, underscores why she must be acknowledged as a formidable business titan in Nigeria’s League of Extraordinary Business Leaders.

Source: The Capital NG