Unblemished 365-Day Record Performance: Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s Senatorial Representation In Review

Daniel’s work in Ogun East is poised to have a lasting impact, driving the region toward a future of prosperity and security

Senator Gbenga Daniel

Senator Otunba Gbenga Daniel, in just a year as the Senator representing Ogun East in the Red Chambers for just a year has been making significant strides in his legislative approach, reminiscent of his achievements during his tenure as the governor of Ogun State.

Analogous to the renowned American lawmaker Senator Robert C. Byrd, who was known for his dedication to infrastructure development, Senator Gbenga Daniel is making a similar impact in Nigeria.

Within his first year in the Senate, Daniel has initiated the establishment of the Federal College of Aviation Technology in Ilara Remo and the Naval Base in Abigi, Ogun Waterside, bringing unprecedented federal institutions to the region.


During a recent discussion with journalists, Senator Daniel highlighted the lack of federal institutions in Ogun East and emphasized his efforts to fill this void with impactful representation.

His commitment to equitable development is reflected in the institutions he established as Governor of Ogun State, such as Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) and the Gateway Industrial and Petro-Gas Institute (GIPI).

In his current role as a senator, Daniel continues to attract significant federal investments to Ogun East.

The Bill for the establishment of the Federal College of Aviation Technology in Ilara Remo has progressed in the Senate and is scheduled for a public hearing. Additionally, the establishment of a Naval Base in Abigi, Ogun Waterside, with a significant allocation in the 2024 Budget, will enhance maritime security and stimulate economic growth in the region.

Senator Daniel’s strategic representation reflects his profound understanding of his constituency’s socio-economic needs and developmental aspirations. His visionary leadership and experience are instrumental in driving the transformation of Ogun East into a hub of educational excellence and maritime security.

STATS of OGD’s 365 days at the Senate

List of bills presented by Senator Gbenga Daniel and their current status:

  • South West Development Commission Bill  (Status: 2nd Reading on the 21st of February 2024)
  • Federal College of Aviation Technology, Ilara Remo (Status: 2nd Reading was taken on the 15th of November, 2023)
  • Terminal Illness Trust Fund Bill (Status: 1st Reading on the 2nd of November, 2023)
  • Media Practitioners Registration Council of Nigeria Bill (Status: 1st Reading on the 27th of) February, 2024
  • Border Communities Development Agency (Amendment) Bill (Status: 1st Reading on the 4th of June, 2024)
  • National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure Act (Amendment) Bill (Status: 1st Reading on the 4th of June, 2024)
  • Hospices (Establishment) Bill  (Status: Not specified)
  • Constitution Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Birth-Right Citizenship) Bill Status: Not specified
  • Constitution Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Sovereign Investment Authority and the Sovereign Wealth Fund) Bill (Status: Not specified)
  • Border Communities Development Agency (Amendment) Bill (Status: 1st Reading on the 4th of June, 2024)
  • FCT, Destruction of Mosquitoes and Other Disease-Bearing Insects Bill (Status: Not specified)


  • 11 Bills
  • 1 Motion
  • Oversight
  • 15 Committees
  • Representation
  • Employment
  • Empowerments
  • Constituency Projects


•Makes Laws through The Introduction Of
1. Bills (proposed laws) and
2. Motions (proposed resolutions)

Type of Bills

1. Executive Bills – (From Presidency)
2. Private Member Bills which are those sponsored by the Legislators – In the last 365 days, 11 Bills and 1 Motion were submitted to the Rules and Business Committee



•On resumption to the Senate, I was inundated with complaints over flooding in various parts of his constituents. Due to this, Senator Daniel moved a motion titled: “Urgent Need to Intervene in the Flooding Issues in Sagamu, Ijebu Areas of Ogun East Senatorial District, Ogun State” on the 5th of July, 2023. This led to the officials of the National Emergency Agency (NEMA) visiting the affected areas and providing some palliative materials.


•Section 60 of the 1999 Constitution (As Amended) states that “subject to the provisions of this Constitution.
•The Senate or the House of Representatives shall have power to regulate its own procedure, including the procedure for summoning and recess of the House”.
•Section 88 of the Constitution also empowered the legislature to investigate any issue of nation interests and oversee the executive and legislature.
•The regulation of the procedures of the two chambers are usually carried out through various committees. Consequently, I was selected into 15
•Senate Committee on Navy  (Chairman)
•Senate Committee on National Identity & Population (Vice Chairman)
•Senate Committee on Works (Member)
•Senate Committee on Police (Member)
•Senate Committee on Environment (Member)
•Senate Committee on Host Communities (Member)
•Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions (Member)
•Senate Committee on Basic and Secondary Education (Member)
•Senate Committee on Tertiary Education and Standing Committees TETFUND (Member)
•Senate Committee on Public Procurement (Member)
•Senate Committee on Appropriations (Member)
•Senate Committee on FCT (Member)
•Senate Committee on Federal Character and Inter-Governmental Affairs (Member)
•Senate Committee on Aviation (Member)
•Senate Committee on Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation
National Identification & National Population Retreat
Universal Basic Education Commission Retreat


To ensure effective and robust representation of my constituents, apart from my office in Abuja,

Senator Gbenga Daniel fully functional Constituency Offices in Sagamu and Ijebu Ode. Consisting Of

•2 Special Advisers in the Senatorial District.
•3 Federal Constituency Supervisors.
•11 LG/state Constituency coordinators
•5 LG pillars
•103 ward coordinators
•5 ward pillars per ward
•I also have robust social media platforms to enhance visibility, accessibility and feedback from the people.


Senator Gbenga Daniel facilitated some employments for my constituents in various Ministries, Departments and Parastatals:

•Nigerian Navy Recruitment (92 nationwide with 50 from Ogun state)
•Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Course (10 nationwide with 5 from Ogun state)
•Nigerian Police Force (6)
•Nigerian Police College (5)
•Nigerian Police Constable (5)
•National Commission Against the Proliferation of Small Arms, ⁷Ammunitions, Light Weapons, Chemical Weapons and Pipeline Vandalization (Over 3,000)
•Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (20 but pending)
•Nigerian Army (1)
•Conditional grants (1,837 beneficiaries were submitted with payments in batches)
•SMEDAN training for Agriculture Cooperative (1)
•Training for Ogun East farmers (100)
•Distribution of Fertilizers (450)
•Training and Empowerments for Women and Youths with the distribution of seedlings and a tractor (100)
•Medical Outreach for Eye (Over 2,000 so far but still ongoing)
•Conditional Grants (1,837 beneficiaries were submitted)
•Micro-credit Scheme for Petty-traders (Over 1,000 beneficiaries and still ongoing)
•Thank you tours/empowerments in Ijebu Ode and Remo
•Rice palliative distributions to Constituents

REPRESENTATION (Constituency Projects)

•Renovation of Otunba Gbenga Daniel Model School, Sagamu
•Renovation of OmuAjose, Comprehensive High School, Odogbolu
•Motorized Boreholes in Ijebu Ode
•Motorized Boreholes in Abobi, Ago Iwoye

Finally, Senator Gbenga Daniel’s tenure in the Senate has been marked by a proactive and transformative approach to legislation.

His initiatives, including the establishment of the Federal College of Aviation Technology and the Naval Base, underscore his commitment to elevating Ogun East to new heights of development.

As these projects come to fruition, they will stand as enduring testaments to his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to his constituents.

Like Senator Byrd’s legacy in West Virginia, Daniel’s work in Ogun East is poised to have a lasting impact, propelling the region towards a future of prosperity and security.