The 5th edition of the Jamuhiyat Muhammodiyah Ramadan Tafseer has been announced will begin Friday 10th of May 2019.

The announcement was made in a statement made available to the media on Sunday.

Founder and Missioner of the Jamuhiyat Muhammodiyah Prayer Group, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Saadudeen Ajara in the statement said the Ramadan Tafseer, as usual, will come along with Iftaar (breaking of fast) immediately after every lecture.


“This is the 5th edition of Jamuhiyat Muhammodiyah Ramadan Tafseer and the 2019 edition comes with more and deep lecture and guides from the Holy Quran.

“We have invited four prominent Islamic scholars for this year’s special edition of Ramadan lecture,” Ajara said.

Sa’adudeen Ajara, a revered Islamic scholar, also noted that this special Ramadan event will come up only on Fridays of the holy month.

The program which is solely sponsored by Jamuhiyat Muhammodiyah also welcomes interested individual and corporate sponsors.

The Ramadan Tafseer and Iftar come up at the Jamuhiyat Muhammodiyah mosque premises located at 5, Alhaji Saadudeen Street, Oko Baba-Agege, Ewupe, Ota Ogun State.