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6 major facts about the new Gulder label

Since its launch in 1970, Gulder has flourished by dominating the market as the ultimate beer for matured minds. It has also maintained the uniqueness that set it apart from all other beer brands – its unconventional brown bottle.

Here are 6 of the things you need to know about the new Gulder label. You can thank us later. LOL

  1. The name ‘Gulder’ originates from an associated brewery, Compania Hispano Holandes de Carvezez SA in Spain where it was originally being imported before local production commenced in Nigeria in 1970.
  2. The new Gulder bottle is specially made to signify strength and was designed for the mentally tough but sophisticated individual, signifying strength and life.
  3. Gulder is the first beer to emboss its name on both sides of a bottle. The name ‘Gulder’ runs from the base to the shoulders of the bottle.
  4. The new label comes with a stunning gold foil, which is a sign of authenticity.
  5. Gulder is made from premium barley, with the finest hops, and the purest of water which gives it a crisp, distinctive and refreshingly bitter taste.
  6. On the new Gulder label, you can’t help but notice the symbolic helmet on the label design, which is strategically located at the Centre of the bottle.

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