Popular Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninilowo, in a heartfelt message shared on his Instagram page, announced his separation from his wife.

Expressing his acceptance of the reality of this decision, Ninilowo emphasized the hope it brings for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

While acknowledging the sadness it brings for their loving and adorable children, the actor emphasizes that the separation is necessary for a peaceful and loveable future. He shares that he has worked tirelessly to avoid such a situation, but ultimately, he has come to accept it.

Ninilowo’s message reflects his deep concern for the well-being of his children, recognizing their growth and understanding of the pain and struggles he has faced. He emphasizes the need to take care of his own health and mental state for the sake of his family.


The actor expresses his hope that God will reward him with what he truly deserves and begs for forgiveness if he has made any mistakes. Despite the heartbreak, Ninilowo remains strong and determined to do better for the sake of his children, whom he fought so hard never to be separated from.

Calling it a “sad but true” reality, Ninilowo asks for privacy during this process and requests prayers for healing and moving forward with their independent lives, while jointly taking care of their cherished children.

The news of this separation comes as a surprise to the world who adores Ninilowo and his beautiful family. As the actor stands tall amidst the heartbreak, he remains grateful for the journey that has made him stronger, and he looks forward to finding what he truly needs and deserves in life.