Unlike other establishments’ Black Friday events, which typically last for only one day, Adron’s Lemon Friday promotion extends beyond a single day.

Adron Homes and Properties unveils Lemon Friday

Adron Homes and Properties, a leading real estate company in Nigeria, is gearing up for its own version of Black Friday Sales with the introduction of ‘Lemon Friday’. This unique event, inspired by Adron Homes’ distinctive Lemon color, promises incredible discounts on their vast range of properties across Nigeria and beyond.

In addition to the unbeatable prices, customers will also have the chance to win exciting prizes, making it an opportune moment to secure affordable landed properties and celebrate the upcoming Yuletide season.

Discount Offers and Prizes:

During the official press briefing held at the company’s head office in Omole Phase 1, Lagos on November 17th, Adron Homes unveiled the massive discounts on their properties, aligning with global trends seen during Black Friday Sales.


The Lemon Friday promotion encourages customers to seize the opportunity to acquire landed properties at incredibly low prices while also participating in prize giveaways.

By paying as low as 30k, customers stand a chance to win a Bag of Rice and chicken, adding to the celebration of the upcoming festive season. Moreover, various payment tiers offer customers the chance to receive prizes like Rice, Oil, Electric Blender, Fan, and cooking pots, depending on the amount paid.

Reliability and Promise Delivery

Some may question the connection between buying land and winning prizes, but it is important to note that Adron Homes has a strong track record of delivering what is promised.

By purchasing land for as low as 30k, customers can expect to receive double value—both in terms of landed property and accompanying gifts—along with significant infrastructural investments within the various estates across the country.

This presents an exceptional opportunity for those who participate in the Lemon Friday promo and choose to invest in their future.

Wide Range of Categories

The Lemon Friday promo offers different categories tailored to customers’ budgets and preferences. For instance, by paying 60k, customers can receive gifts such as Rice, Oil, Electric Blender, Fan, and cooking pots.

Subscribers opting for the 100k plan stand a chance to win prizes such as Rice, Cooking Oil, Double-faced Gas Burners, Electric Cooking Pots, and Chicken.

Those choosing the pocket-friendly 200k plan may take home prizes like a standing fan, air fryer, live Goat, and a bag of Rice.

Additionally, subscribers who opt for the 500k plan not only secure a plot of land but also become eligible for prizes including a chest freezer, Live Goat, washing machine, Microwave, and Rice.

High-earning customers making a down payment of 1Million Naira have chances to win amazing juicy prizes such as a Smart TV, a Live Goat, a Cow, an Air Conditioner, a Bag of Rice, and various other gifts.

Similarly, those making a down payment of 1.5 Million Naira have the opportunity to win a twin-door standing freezer, a cow, a bag of Rice, and a water dispenser.

Lastly, customers making a down payment of 2 million NAIRA on lands will go home with not only a plot of land but also a Cow, Twin Door standing fridge with a freezer, and a Bag of Rice.

Gift Selections and Verification

Adron Homes ensures that customers have the freedom to select the category of the gift they desire.

Upon subscribing and completing the necessary forms, as well as making payment into the designated company account, customers are entitled to choose a gift within their paid amount category.

Additionally, the company allows third parties to collect gifts on behalf of customers, with authorization obtained either in writing or through email, to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of gift distribution.

Secure Payment Methods

To enjoy the massive benefits of Lemon Friday, Adron Homes advises customers to refrain from paying into any sales representative’s personal accounts. The company will not be held liable for any payments made to staff members’ accounts.

Instead, customers are encouraged to make payments via bank transfer or bank cheque, ensuring a secure and documented transaction. Cash payments are discouraged to minimize the risk of falling prey to fraudsters or thieves, thus prioritizing customers’ safety.

Promo Duration:

Unlike most companies’ Black Friday events, which typically last for only one day, Adron’s Lemon Friday promotion extends beyond a single day.

The promo runs from the end of November through the first week of December, allowing customers within Nigeria and abroad to experience the substantial price reductions within this timeframe.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Innovation

To provide customers with an enhanced experience, Adron Homes is continuously innovating. Apart from Lemon Friday, the company is actively engaged in massive sales promos, making it easier for tenants to become homeowners without financial strain.

Offering payment plans spanning from 12 to 48 months, Adron ensures flexibility in property acquisition. Their well-built estates feature modern infrastructures, including well-maintained roads, concrete pavements, recreational facilities, malls, and top-notch security measures, such as street lighting, surveillance cameras, and perimeter fencing.

Moreover, Adron Homes is in the process of developing a cutting-edge AI tool—a 360 panoramic virtual tour of their properties. This feature enables customers to take a virtual tour of properties without physically visiting them, saving time and aiding in prompt decision-making.


With ‘Lemon Friday’, Adron Homes is providing customers with an extraordinary opportunity to secure affordable and high-quality properties. Seizing the offers presented during this event not only makes the dream of homeownership more attainable but also gives individuals a chance to win exciting prizes.

Take advantage of this limited-time promotion and join the Adron Homes community, where serenity, peace, and tranquility can be found at affordable prices.

For more information, visit their offices nationwide, contact them through their social media channels (Facebook: Adronhomesofficial, Twitter: @adronhomes, and Instagram: @adronhomesofficial), or explore their website at, where you can schedule an inspection or take a virtual tour using Adron’s advanced AI technology.