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All The Details: How Aisha Buhari chased Mamman Daura out of Aso Villa

Emerging details revealed how Mamman Daura was bundled out of Aso Villa by Aisha Buhari.

Report monitored on stated after not being satisfied with trying to sideline the wife of the President, Mamman Daura wanted to take over the first lady’s official quarters and many other privileges, but this time he met a brick wall as the president’s wife took him head on and he was swiftly evicted from the villa.

The President had reportedly asked Mamman Daura to leave the glass house residence for reasons best known to him but he refused, afraid that without close proximity his powers will dwindle and he asked his children to take charge of the place, a move that was strongly resisted by some people in the villa.

When the wife of the President came outside to see what the commotion was about, she was confronted by heavily armed SSS officers who allegedly acting on the instructions of the DG SSS LAWAL Mamman Daura who is a relative to Mamman Daura Surrounded her and asked her to stand down, a military term which means she should back off or be detained.

According to an insider the DG has been on the wife of the president’s case for sometime and has been reportedly conspiring with Mamman.

An insider squealed that it is so bad that the SSS has been suspected to bugging Aisha Buhari’s phone for a while and her conversations along with her children are reported back to Mamman Daura through the SSS DG.

It will be recalled that it was the same Mamman Daura that was caught in a phone conversation calling her a suicide bomber from Adamawa.

The situation has become so bad that the DG’s loyalty is 100% with Mamman Daura more than with Mr President and this is giving the security operatives in other arms a headache, but the problem is that the DG was brought by Mamman Daura so he believes he is the only person he owes loyalty to.

Right now Mamman Daura has scampered off to London as it is not likely that President Buhari will change his mind.

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