Another Aviation Dark Moment Averted; How Med-View Airlines female pilot saved over 100 passengers’ lives Friday night

The Nigeria aviation industry was almost thrown into another dark moment but for the bravery and doggedness of Med-View airlines super female pilot. The plane with over hundred passengers escaped deadly turbulence that almost flung it away the airspace  as it was about landing in Abuja. ‘It was so terrible and scary.’

According to information made available, Med-View Airlineswith flight number VL21069(HK) takeoff was schedule for exactly 17:00 hours and was expected to arrive 18:oo hours but was was said to have been delayed for over three hours before it finally took off from MM2, Lagos around 21:00.

Checks by newsheadline247 indicate the delay was not because of technical problems but for received information of hours of heavy rain in Abuja on Friday.

The passengers who had been delayed for hours consequently became  impatient and protested heavily because the airline has refused to inform them on the exact reasons for the delay.

A source informed newsheadline247 Med-View airlines gave up to the mounting protests and pressures from passengers who were keen to be in Abuja as per their respective travelling schedule.

A passenger within also informed ‘the journey was smooth’ till the flight was about to land in Abuja.


“It took the pilot over 45 minutes to battle the deadly turbulence airborne, the female pilot is a superwoman, she fought it out to safe our lives, it was a terrible and scary experience;” said the passenger.

Another passenger revealed it was ‘the worst moment’ of his over twenty years of air travelling experience.

Some of the passengers however confessed they had actually said their ‘last prayers’ having lost hope the pilot will make it as she actually lost control for over 15 minutes in the battle for survival.