Adams Oshiomhole, the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has said he has the support of the majority of state governors from his party.

The former Edo state governor said this on Monday while reacting to the reported plot by some APC governors to remove him from office.

Mr Oshiomhole had on Sunday in a statement by his press secretary, Simon Ebegbulem, alleged that conservatives within the party are ganging up to pass a vote of no-confidence in him.

He said in the statement that the said conservatives are against him over his refusal to allow continued impunity and circumvention of due process being perpetuated in some states under APC control.

Mr Oshiomhole added that he was not surprised by the gang-up, as he never had the illusion that the process of reforming the party was going to be an easy one.


His spokesperson, however, called back the statement shortly after he sent it to journalists.

The party chairman, who fielded questions from State House correspondents in Abuja on Monday, said only one or two of the 23 state governors under the APC platform were vehemently opposed to his leadership style.

“Maybe there is one or two governors who have issues and those issues can only be resolved democratically within the spirit, the letter and all the relevant positions of the APC constitution, the APC Election guidelines and of course the Electoral Act.

“The Electoral Act is completely blind and our party’s rules also are completely blind to power but it’s sensitive to procedures; it is sensitive processes.

“The good news is that overwhelming majority (of the governors), we have about 23 governors, I think maybe one or two may have some situations they would like to see differently.

“But that is the way the world is, but we should uphold the rules. But, it is not correct to suggest that there is a move to remove me.

“Yes, one governor has publicly said he would ensure that I’m removed – that is fine. The beauty of democracy is anyone or two could say something but the majority is what matters.

“But even those two when they have deeper reflection would recognise that what I have done is to stubbornly insist that the rules are obeyed, nothing more nothing less.’’