One notable feature of BetBaba is its cash-out option, allowing sports bettors to have greater control over their bets

BetBaba, a rapidly emerging sports betting company, has entered the Nigerian market, with unprecedented innovations while emphasizing its long-term commitment. The company made this announcement during the unveiling event held at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino in Victoria Island, Lagos on Friday, October 20, 2023.

Operating under the commercial name One World Unity Projects Ltd, BetBaba is a gaming company founded in 2023, offering a comprehensive range of sports betting and virtual games primarily targeted towards the Nigerian market.

However, BetBaba aims to set itself apart from other betting platforms by not only providing a platform for betting but also by supporting and contributing to the Nigerian sports industry, including grassroots talent development initiatives.

According to Francis Ifie, the Business Development Manager of BetBaba, the company promises to revolutionize the Nigerian sports betting experience by bringing unique transformations and introducing innovative features.


Mr. Ifie further explained that the global sports betting industry has become a highly lucrative venture, and BetBaba aims to tap into this market by offering something entirely different and captivating.

Moreover, BetBaba is mindful of its customers’ wellbeing by providing support and tools to maintain a secure and entertaining betting environment. The company takes responsibility for minimizing associated risks and prioritizes its customers’ safety.

One notable feature of BetBaba is its cash-out option, allowing sports bettors to have greater control over their bets. This feature offers them the opportunity to secure a return before an event concludes, even if their bet turns out to be unsuccessful.

Overall, BetBaba is set to make its mark in the Nigerian sports betting sphere, promising unique experiences, innovative features, and a dedication to supporting the growth of the local sports industry.

“You can cash out a bet fully or partially. You can choose to Cash Out your bet at any time and take the potential winnings on offer.

“If you choose to Cash Out, the amount offered will be settled and the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the amount returned to your account.

“The amount offered will depend on the performance of your selection(s) and may be higher or lower than your original stake enabling you to guarantee a profit or minimise a potential loss,’ Ifie said.