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Buhari’s govt. confirmed its dictatorial tendency by declaring Amotekun illegal – Adebajo

A leader of Afenifere, Yoruba socio-political organisation, Ayo Adebajo, has said the Federal Government of Nigeria under the leadership President Muhammadu Buhari has just confirmed its dictatorial tendency by declaring ‘Amotekun’, a South-West Region security outfit as illegal.

Governors of the states in the South-West region of Nigeria had said the group was established to tackle the rising cases of criminality in the region.

But on Tuesday, the attorney-general of the federation, Abubakar Malami, declared Amotekun as illegal, saying security issues in the country remains the exclusive preserve of the federal government.

Adebajo in reaction the FG’s declaration insisted the AGF has no right to make such pronouncement against the establishment of ‘Amotekun’.

The elder statesman stated this in an interview with TheCable NG.

Adebajo who described Buhari’s administration as a military government of the north said the federal government ought to have gone to the court if it had anything against the outfit.

He said similar civilian organisations are operating in the north freely without any form of intimidation, wondering why the one in the south is now being considered illegal.

“He (Malami) has no right to declare the authority of state governments as illegal. If it is illegal, he should take them to court and beg the court to declare it illegal under the constitution of the country. He has no authority to do so at all,” he said.

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“Civilian organisations in Kano and other places in the north, they are not illegal, how are they now illegal in the south? For me I am not surprised, any dictatorial tendency from the federal government is welcomed because I have predicted it so they are only confirming all that I have said about Buhari’s dictatorial tendency.”

“The judiciary is established to adjudicate between persons and between governments. I have said it before that this is not a government of the people, it is the military government of the north by Buhari. It is a dictatorship per se.”

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