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Daura helipad is the only project completed by Buhari’s government in 3 years – Ben Bruce

A senator representing Bayelsa east, Ben Bruce has said the only completed project by Buhari led government in its three years in power is the helipad in Daura

Daura is the hometown of President Muhammadu Buhari in Katisna state.

According to the senator’s tweets on Wednesday, the senator accused the Nigerian leaders of abandoning the people of Nigeria while enriching themselves with the country’s commonwealth.

He described this as a failure and the inability of leaders to look after those who entrusted leadership in their hands.

Senator Bruce wrote; “It is sad that this administration cannot point to any major projects initiated, started and completed in the three years they have been in power except the Daura helipad. It is a weak leader who looks after himself. A strong leader will rather look after the people who he leads. The greatest failure of leadership is when a leader fails to look after his people.”

He added this, “In the last 3 years, some of us leaders built new houses for ourselves, yet we haven’t built new housing estates for the people. We‘ve bought new private jets yet Nigeria still does not have a national airline. This, in my opinion, is the greatest failure of leadership possible.”

The federal lawmaker of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Bayelsa is widely known to be a fierce critic of the Buhari led All Progressives Congress (APC) government.


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