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All The Details…..How Former FCMB Boss, Ladi Balogun’s Marriage Hit The Rocks In Terrible Circumstances

Former FCMB Boss, Ladi Balogun’s Marriage Hit The Rocks In Terrible Circumstances

Former FCMB Boss, Ladi Balogun’s Marriage Hit The Rocks In Terrible Circumstances

Bliss deserted Ladi Balogun’s marriage in unexpected hours, like a crushed knight fleeing the gates of a fallen fortress. To the former Managing Director (MD) of First City Monument Bank (FCMB), the love that warmed the inner cockles of his heart soon became the thorn that pierced his lungs while he inhaled the fragrance of passion. Thus his marriage to Banke crashed irredeemably, while they were busy doing other things.

According to The Capital NG, the couple certainly fell out of love, forgetting that where there is no love, there is no ardour. They simply stopped tolerating each other. They could no longer bear to live as man and wife while their passion subsided and their home became a wretched cove of distrust and hatred.

Sources close to the estranged couple revealed that their marriage crashed due to irreconcilable differences.
Banke allegedly refused to play second fiddle to Ladi. She was not submissive and couldn’t fulfil the role of dutiful wife, friend, lover and confidant to her husband, according to Ladi’s apologists.

On the other hand, Banke’s friends argued that her mother-in-law (Ladi’s mother), had too much influence on him. They claimed her influence on her son contributed in no small measure to the short-lived marriage.

And contrary to believe that the marriage recently hit an iceberg, the couple allegedly separated from each other a long while ago but they succeeded in keeping it under wraps to avoid the noise and scandal that could result from undue media exposure.

While no one is sure if they would ever reconcile and remarry, it is an open secret that the couple is happy without each other. Ladi, for instance, is having the time of his life. He allegedly drinks more and hangs out more now.
It is, however, astonishing to note that while some of Banke’s friends are up in arms in defence of their friends, many of them are jostling to replace Banke in her estranged husband’s house. Each of them desperately seeks to become the new Mrs. Balogun, according to The Capital findings.

Despite her posturing, Banke would definitely hurt and bleed from the sting of losing her home to a treacherous friend. When she tied the nuptial knots with her groom, Ladi, she didn’t know what grief would spring from their union. By the time reality dawned on her, it was too late to save her marriage.

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