Tinuade deserted her home and ended her marriage at the cusp of the ascent of her career ladder

– How She Betrayed Her Spouse Who Brought Her from Ibadan to Lagos – Insider Alleges

It is highly likely that Dr. Tinuade Sanda is currently struggling with significant emotional trauma. If you were to ask her, she would explain that the scariest part of losing her high-ranking position as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO) of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) is the sudden loss of respect and the lack of emotional support she feels at home.

Tinuade is responsible for her current situation, as she decided to leave her home and end her marriage just as her career was taking off. According to insiders, she boldly separated from her husband, Sola Sanda, and moved with their children to a luxurious apartment in Ikoyi.

Thus as her ordeal persists, she has no shoulders to cry on and no one to wipe her tears. And this revealed sources very close to her, has aggravated the emotional strain that she has been experiencing since she became embroiled in the high-wired powerplay that cost her, her job.

Of course, nobody would take Tinuade for a heartbreaker. Not even her former husband and sweetheart, Sola Sanda. Until she dumped him, like a bad habit, Sola embraced romantic visions of him and Tinuade till death do them part. But this was a hollow fantasy, he would find.


While he nursed dreams of everlasting love with Tinuade, the latter neutered shoots of any such love blooming between them.

Tinuade’s definition of love was rooted in a floundering and false addiction to her whims and passion for living in the moment. Little wonder she had no qualms about breaking her husband’s heart.

It appears that Tinuade’s betrayal of her husband, Sola, was the key to her success in her career. Sadly, betrayal is a terrible disease that stems from a lack of gratitude. When she eventually left Sola, Tinuade conveniently forgot how he had brought her from Ibadan in Oyo State to Lagos, where she had better career opportunities and an improved quality of life.

No sooner did Tinuade chance on her breakthrough than she dumped Sola. After dumping him, she took their children along with her and moved to Ikoyi in Lagos.

Left to Tinuade, she had a wonderful life ahead of her and she wouldn’t be hindered by the demands and responsibilities of marriage.

Her ex-husband, Sola Sanda, on his part, wasn’t a greenhorn in the marital enterprise. He simply loved and trusted Tinuade too much.

But to his chagrin, she repaid his love with betrayal and their marriage wilted like a severed tree trunk.

Soon after he brought his wife to Lagos, their marriage hit the rocks.

However, at their separation, he avoided rancour of any sort. He shunned the urge to lash out and trade allegations with her. Sola saw no reason to fight for a marriage in which trust had become a scarce commodity. Thus, when Tinuade moved out of their matrimonial home with their children to resettle elsewhere in highbrow Ikoyi, Sola struggled to keep his cool and maintain a stoic silence. Even though he was heartbroken, he accepted his reality of a broken home and sour love.

Mr Sanda simply maintained a stiff upper lip, counted his losses and moved on.

Looking back now, it would seem that he left her to karma’s judgment.

Sources close to the estranged couple argued that Tinuade’s recent travails may be her comeuppance for betraying her husband, Sola, whose love she treated with scorn as soon as she experienced a breakthrough in her career.

Until her removal as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO) of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC), Marina, Lagos, she carried on like a lioness who deemed the boardroom as her jungle. Thus she roared at will, threatening the peace of both the old and young in her orbit.

However, unlike the feral cat, Tinuade neither lived nor worked in a jungle. She wasn’t a lioness either. She was simply a parlour pet of the powers that be, who mistook herself to be a wild cat.

Tinuade was recently booted out of her high office as a consequence of high-wired politics and power play that took place over several months.

Although there has been some vigorous pushback by her supporters, Tinuade, who has openly challenged her removal and dismissed it as unacceptable may be in for a tough and acrimonious battle to reclaim her spot.

If Tinuade has learned any lesson now, it must be that conceit is the ugliest armour a woman could wear. While the world saw her as a tiresome magpie, she looked down on the world, her husband included, thinking how ugly and despicable they all were.

There is no gainsaying vanity corrupted Tinuade’s soul, like a taint of vice inhabiting her blood and frail spirit. Not a few people wonder how she manages to sleep at night and live at peace with herself even as she ignores her children’s need for a father figure in their lives.

Tinuade’s vanity is unprecedented, according to very close sources to her. She simply chooses to live for herself and spares no expense in giving herself a treat. Now her love for selfish treats has led to a searing trial.

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