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Emzor pharmaceuticals, others’ dirty deals in mass production of banned codeine cough syrup exposed

Emerging reports indicate there is a dirty secret behind the mass production of banned codeine cough syrup.

Information made available also revealed powerful players in the Federal Government has a thing or two to do with the banned cough syrup.

According to a report monitored on, their antics are said to have placed the operations of big names drug manufacturers such as Emzor Pharmaceuticals on the brink.

It was also revealed that government hospitals are major patrons of the drug producers – and for reasons that confound many, they are owed large sums for services rendered.

“The debts are huge and continuous delay in payment has virtually crippled the operations of many” a source stated.

This is especially against the background that most of the raw materials used for the production of the drugs are not tax-free.

“They produce at a huge cost with limited profits and are owed heavily by the government” a source summed up the situation. gathered that the “huge market” created by the addiction to codeine – as sickening as it sounds – provided the major bailout for the pharmaceutical companies.

The sales helped balanced the account books and sustained their operations;

“the demand was unusually high, it was apparent to all and showed in the numbers of codeine cough syrup been churned out from the factory but everybody turned a blind eye…it was more about sacrificing the care for the growing addiction for staying in business and producing other life-changing drugs” a source stated.

Before the BBC documentary that blew the lid on the mess – in the international circle – insiders confirmed national publication such as Punch and broadcast station TVC had done lavish reports on the growing addiction to codeine cough syrup in the country.

“But the authorities turned a blind eye until the international embarrassment of the BBC report forced a save facing reaction in the name of a temporary ban of the production and distribution of the drug turned menace” source disclosed.

And to worsen the situation for the pharmaceutical industry and country, it is Emzor, a big fish drug manufacturing company that was caught as “the main offender”.

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