Following the completion of his two term tenure as governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello and his wife, Rashida have allegedly refused to leave the government house.

According to reports, the former first couple of the state are still residing in the official apartment amidst ongoing legal issues involving an alleged N10 billion money laundering case filed against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Bello’s successor, Governor Usman Ododo is said to currently resides in his former official apartment from his tenure under Bello’s administration, while Bello occupies the Presidential suite within Lord Lugard House.

Observers of political dynamics in Kogi State have noted Alhaji Usman Ododo’s seemingly unwavering loyalty to his predecessor, particularly evidenced by statements attributed to the current Governor, instructing his aides to comply with directives from Yahaya Bello, even if they conflict with his own.


Stakeholders have urged Governor Ododo to assert his authority and distinguish his administration from the previous one, calling for Bello’s eviction from the Government House.

The unfolding events in the coming days, weeks, and months will shed further light on how the situation will be managed and how the current government plans to assert its independence from the previous administration.