A former legislative aide Senator Buruji Kashamu, Hon Onamusi Onadeko has said the senator representing Ogun East Senatorial districts uses people for his personal political gains, blackmail and dumps them thereafter.

In a statement tagged Open Letter to Buruji Kashamu made available to newsheadline247, the ‘Senior Legislative Aide’ also narrated how former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and APC national leader, Bola Tinubu ignored the Ogun East controversial senator in attempts to effect political relationships with the duo.

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I have kept silent over the past seven months that you reported me to Independent Corrupt Practices Commission  (ICPC) on allegations that I defrauded the Federal Government and that by virtue of my position as your Senior Legislative Aide then,  I was a Public Servant and as such cannot use my company to execute your constituency projects on behalf of the party leaders.

2) The Border Community Development Agency (BCDA) is a government agency responsible for the execution of your constituency projects. BCDA is satisfied with the standard of job we have delivered. The contract agreement for various construction and renovation works was signed between BCDA and the companies. Allegations of fraud can only be sustained if the government agency who is a party to the contract are the petitioners to ICPC.

3) I am a seasoned politician and I understand the motive behind all that you are doing.  The truth is that you have seen me as a desperate politician seeking political office, hence I have come to serve you as your SLA. You also know very well that I have supported and assisted you both privately and in you present position as the Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District at the 8th National Assembly.

4) You promised to support my political ambition for 2019 during our good old days. You assured me you will support me for either the senate or Governorship come 2019 when you needed me at your most critical moment.

5) All allegations against me you know very well are not true but a conspiracy you orchestrated to blackmail me and divert the attention of party leaders,  members and associates away from the fact that you are indebted to me come 2019.

6) This has always been your style. You use people and blackmail them. You have done it to so many and have succeeded; but let me advise you that treating me the way you have done since 14th February 2017 is one that my GOD will not forgive you except you repent quickly.

7) I am sending you this word of advise because our Lord Jesus Christ does not want the death of sinners but for them to repent. I don’t want you to perish in spite of all you have done to me, that is why I am sending you this message. You may wish to meditate a little over the turn of events since you planned against me. If you fail to repent you will perish.

9) Sometimes ago you asked Otunba Fashawe to introduce you to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and I am sure you heard the response of Atiku. Just in the last week December 2017, you sought to have appointment with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, he declined to see you for reasons best known to some of us.

10) In politics you don’t fight people like us who are connected to powers that be. You underestimate and look down on people because they do not have money. Have you ever thought in your heart that this man you are fighting unjustly may be in a position to determine your faith?.

11) You reported me to ICPC over a contractual obligation with BCDA, instigated ICPC to prosecute a man who risked his life to stand with you for 6 days (day and night) when NDLEA layed siege in your house in 2015. The contract is less than 150m.  You also funded a publication by ICPC in the PUNCH newspaper of 28th December 2017 wherein I was declared wanted for fraud is the height of heartlessness and wickedness.

You have often denied your involvement in such act, only those who do not know you will believe your story. Have you ever acknowledged that you are behind the legal crisis in PDP?

I wish you the best of luck in 2019.


Hon Onamusi Onadeko