… Boast group is independent, focused, and undeterred in repositioning Awori to where it deserves in Ogun state, and Nigeria.

The Forum of Awori Inteligentsia FAI on Sunday 2Oth November 2O22 convened her inaugural meeting.

The meeting, which was held at Temperance Hotel, Ota in Ogun state had the members of the group resolve to introduce the organization to important stakeholders in the Awori community of Ogun state.


Speaking to our news correspondent, the acting assistant secretary of the body, Ms. Bolanle Akinboyede disclosed that the group is at the moment concerned about building acceptability in the domain it intends to operate, and the acting leaders steering the affairs of the organization are poised to ensure the organization enjoys both communal, and corporate acceptability that will enable it to effectively deliver on its promises. She stressed that the organization is done with drafting her mission statement and it will soon be available in both conventional and digital media.

Ms. Akinboyede said that, although the inaugural meeting was held on Sunday 2Oth November 2O22, it is not the first time the group will be meeting. We identify it as an inaugural meeting because it was agreed that 2Oth November 2O22 is the foundation day; the date the Forum of Awori Intelligentsia was officially created. There has been much discreet effort to make sure that the group is not only independent, focused, and impregnable, but is seen as having, and operating these qualities.

“I can assure the people in the Ogun state Awori land that the tides of things are about to change for the good. One of the uniqueness of the organization is that it has used ample time and resources to successfully study why organizations in our clime with similar objectives failed, and what must be done differently to surmount both the seeable and discernable hurdles and pitfalls.”

Speaking on the composition of membership, acceptability, and further activities of the group, she said members of the group are known individuals with sterling records of patriotism, activism, and community service.

“Interestingly, the issue of pioneers does not exist here, members are simply members. And as noted earlier, we have been working and doing consultations underground and I can categorically tell you that we have consulted quite a several high and eminent personalities in Aworiland, Royal fathers, and top political elites across Aworiland and they have demonstrated immense support for the mission we are set out to achieve. We have now resolved to take the group on shuttle diplomacy and drop it at the doorstep of everyone that matters in Awori land. By that time, the public will have all information it needed about the organization”.

“On the composition of members, the group has worked out a modality for inclusive membership which would mean that the group will be flexible to accommodate both indigenes and residents of Awori communities in Ogun state but provided such persons shares our vision and has the wit to function effectively”.

Concluding, Ms. Bolanle Akinboyede said; “Our experience in Awori land has been bitter. It is becoming unbecoming for us to continue to be docile, and naïve. So, we are prepared to damn consequences; to handle both internal and external pressures. We are aware and ready for infiltration and incursions both within and outside. We are undeterred with a solid and pragmatic approach to achieving our goal within a time frame. There are battles ahead but there is none that cannot be overcome with our strength. This is a mission to deliver and rescue Awori land. A mission to rethink and renegotiate, and reclaim our significance as a major sub-Yoruba ethnic group in Ogun state and Nigeria. The Aworis play a second fiddle almost in everything and our agenda is simply to stop that, and do that with immediate effect.”