The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has extolled former president Olusegun Obasanjo for raising the alarm on alleged plans to Fulanize and Islamize the country.

The association also advised the Federal Government no to ignore the alarm raised by the former President.

CAN stated this through its National Director, Legal and Public Affairs, Evangelist Kwamkur Samuel Vondip, on the forthcoming CAN presidential elections and the state of the nation, in Jos, the Plateau State Capital.


Vondip said, “Level of insecurity of the nation; the increase and expansion of the activities of insurgencies, armed bandits, armed robbery, kidnappers, killer Fulani herdsmen seem to have continued unabated.

“We expect the government to be bold enough to take responsibility and be sincere in providing convincing lasting solutions.

“The situation whereby the government would be denying the increasing rate of insecurity while the security budget keeps swelling up with increase in casualties amongst the security operatives, increase in number of victims and cry by communities is worrisome and calls for serious reflections.

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He added that, “We advocate further for the creation of state police as the major solutions to ending this communities’ invasions by so called unknown gunmen.

“The inability of the Federal Government to ensure the release of Leah Sharibu and other abducted victims of Boko Haram gives us sleeplessness.

“One of the cardinal promises of President Buhari administration is the end to the reign of terrorism and ensuring the release of captured victims of insurgents but the first tenure ended up without achieving maximally such result. We pray and hope that President Buhari will do everything within his ability to achieve this goal if he is to be taken more seriously.

Speaking on the alleged planned Fulanization or Islamization of the country, Vondip said, “CAN believes that the foundation for Islamisation of Nigeria has since been laid by the makers of the Nigeria Constitution and some previous leaders of Nigeria.

“Particular examples are the provisions made in the Constitution for the operation of Sharia laws and courts. This makes the common law and the Sharia law to be operating in the same constitution. This naturally has divided the nation into two and sets the tone for Islamization. The implication of this scenario is confusion,” he maintained.

“Furthermore, as we have said before, the registration of Nigeria, (a secular state) as a member of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) by military fiat is a further confirmation of deliberate Islamization of the country. This calls for review if our leaders are sincere with their claim that nobody is Islamizing the country.”

The Christian body commended former President Olusegun Obasanjo for speaking against the aforementioned plan.

“We commend sincerely the position of the former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for opening up against the planned Islamization of Nigeria. The former President simply repeated what many of our CAN leaders have said before.

“We had even taken this in written a form to the Presidency for immediate attention. If what Obasanjo said should be doubted, what is the justification for the community cleansing by killer Fulani herdsmen who jump on innocent communities in the night killing them and taking over their communities? He asked.

“We never saw any far reaching steps taken to bring these killer herdsmen to book!

“What is the justification for the Federal Government effort to create and maintain cattle routes or colony for Fulani herders despite their level of impunity? He asked.

“How can you justify the Federal Government’s establishment of a radio station for Fulani? (Though this is being denied recently that is was established for nomadic education).

“Why can’t strict security measures that silenced the IPOB in few days be taken against Boko Haram and killer Fulani Herdsmen?

According to CAN, “We cannot for many years claim that our borders are porous and nothing is done about it. Nigeria cannot afford to be losing her citizens for years because we have an uncontrolled border.

“We commend Chief Obasanjo’s boldness to speak out at this critical period of the nation. We wonder what will become the fate of Nigeria and Nigerians if respected and bold leaders like Obasanjo are no more there to speak.

“We call on the Federal Government to take seriously the alarm raised by Chief Obasanjo and act on it if they are to be trusted.

Adding that, “Chief Obasanjo has spoken the mind of many people and we urge that he should never be intimidated by government for the sake of peace”.

On the fight against corruption; CAN said, “While quite a number of Nigerians have been arrested and prosecuted with others undergoing investigation and prosecution, it is not news that a lot of corrupt former and present leaders are moving freely suggesting the selective nature of the fight.

“It is a shame to our nation and for citizens to believe the notion that when you join the team of the President or the ruling party then ‘your sins are forgiven’.

“The fight against corruption must go beyond media propaganda and be wholistic and no less,” the Christian body stressed.

Speaking on the forthcoming CAN elections, the CAN Official said, “Each bloc was contacted to submit names of candidates interested in contesting for the office of the President.

“Three blocs indicated interest namely, CCN, OAIC and TEKAN/ECWA. The Electoral College which was inaugurated early May 2019 has sat on the nominations and elected two out of the three candidates namely Rev. Dr Samson Ayokunle the current President of CAN who is going for a possible second tenure from CCN and Rev. Dr Caleb Solomon Ahima from TEKAN/ECWA.

He maintained that “From the foregoing, there are only two stages remaining for the election to be completed.

“The National Executive Committee (NEC) will vote for the two nominated candidates and the person with the highest vote will be deemed elected as President while the runner up will be considered elected as the Vice President.

According to him, “The process will be completed with the final ratification of the two elected leaders by the National Assembly of the Association at a later date.”

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