Sylva, a former petroleum minister while campaigning for Tinubu in Bayelsa during the last election described the President as a “modern industrialist

Timipre Sylva

Gains of Tinubu’s economic policies will be massive, Sylva assures Nigerians

A former Bayelsa state governor, Chief Timipre Sylva, has assured Nigerians that the gains of President Bola Tinubu’s economic policies will be massive and far-reaching.

A statement signed on Wednesday, February 7, by Sylva’s special adviser, media and publicity, Julius Bokoru, said Chief Sylva remained very much in line with President Tinubu’s economic policies.

Bokoru recalled that Sylva, a former petroleum minister while campaigning for Tinubu in Bayelsa during the last election described the President as a “modern industrialist.”

He said: “The fact is made even more apparent by the fact Sylva campaigned on the fundamentals of President Tinubu’s ideals: modesty, clarity and a sincere absence of speculation, an agenda of the people for the people.”


Bokoru said there was never a time Chief Sylva directly or indirectly wrote any article against President Tinubu’s economic policies.

He said the attention of Sylva, the governorship candidate and leader of the APC in Bayelsa, was recently drawn to an article, which was critical and caustic to the economic Policies of President Bola Tinubu.

Bokoru said: “The idea of the article, its originators and sponsors, is to create a wedge between Chief Timipre Sylva and his Principal President Bola Tinubu.  This is a cheap shot and one of the most unintelligent acts of political schemes. It reeks of helplessness, lethargy and classless desperation.

“It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that the financiers of such vile acts of antagonism against the Federal Government are those who have made it their life’s single purpose of destroying the image and person of Chief Sylva however they can.

“Their antecedents have made them predictable. So promoting, sponsoring and producing phantom articles, articles they don’t believe themselves, with the ghastly intent of tying their utter mischief to Chief Sylva is nothing that cannot be anticipated, it is not even close to the inner bowels of their cynicism and evil.

“The author of the said piece is not the spokesman of Chief Timipre Sylva or the APC in Bayelsa State. The thoughts expressed are the ruminations of an individual expressing his personal views which aren’t those of Chief Sylva. The former Minister of State for Petroleum Resources has a clear and unambiguous channel of communication”.

Bokoru insisted that Sylva remained a known and vocal believer in President Tinubu’s economic blueprint. 

“Chief Sylva has campaigned tirelessly on the efficacy of the president’s economic plans and believes strongly that as a country we are on course for a healthier, sustaining economy.

“Sylva is certain President Tinubu is busy with the task of governance before him and would not be distracted by ridiculous propaganda churned out by anxious, desperate characters who thrive only in their attempts to create discord and chaos.

“Sylva advises that their next act of desperation should have our very dear President nowhere at its desperate and infantile plots.”