Gubernatorial Candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in Ogun state, Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka, on Wednesday pledged to represent the best interest of the entire State without particularly favouring one senatorial district over the other. 

The governorship hopeful said there is uneven spread distribution of developmental projects in the State by the current administration which has seen the Central Senatorial district becoming the largest beneficiary; to the detriment of being other divisions.

Isiaka made the pledge in while addressing a mammoth crowd at Ijebu Imushin, an event rounding off his campaign tour of Ijebu East local government.


According to the two-time governorship candidate, “Concentrating 70 percent of the state’s resources in one part of the State at the extreme expense of other parts is morally wrong”.

“We would ensure all parts of Ogun State are evenly developed.  We would not run an irresponsible, one-sided government. I have the fear of God and it is God that makes one Governor”.

Isiaka noted that he is of the firm belief that if God gives one the privilege to become the number one citizen out of about 5 million citizens and such person decides to misrule by unduly favouring one part over the others, God will not be happy with such person. That is irresponsible leadership in it’s entirety”.

He stated, “I believe we have a responsibility for developing all nooks and crannies of our dear State. We would not do our people any disservice if we work in that direction.  We have traversed all parts of the State and we can say categorically what our people’s needs are and that we remain resolutely committed to; because we are in the best position to do so.”

The ADC flagbearer, however, promised to be a listening governor if elected in 2019, adding that his bid to govern the State is premised on his capacity,  experience, vision for Ogun and not necessarily because of his communal ties to Ogun West.

“I assure you we would remain level-headed People know me well.  I have been voted for twice.  My information is in public glare. I am not someone who will get corrupt by power. I remain an ‘Omoluabi’ to the core and I will rule with a sincere heart.” He submitted.