Fresh facts have emerged on why some political parties are spreading fake rumours that Ogun State African Democratic Congress (ADC) Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka has stepped down from the race. 

The rumour which has backfired and exposed the weaknesses of GNI opponents had been discarded as failed propaganda.

But unknown to many the result of the opinion poll conducted by an independent Swaghenz Consult and released Tuesday morning showed that the ADC candidate is comfortably leading in 15 out of 20 local government areas in the state polling 43 percent of all the total votes cast.


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Second of the list was the APC that scored 25 percent while PDP came distant third with 19.8 percent. APM polled 12 per cent. Other parties scored less than 0.02 per cent in an opinion poll that sent many politicians back to the drawing table in the state.

Majority of the respondents said they considered integrity and track records of the candidates in voting in the opinion poll. Besides, some of the candidates were said to have one Issue or the other the law court which made them to fail integrity test.

Respondents are also of the opinion that never has political parties in Ogun State fielded some candidates with questionable characters. While one is still facing certificate forgery scandal, another is an American ex-convict while one cannot even travel outside the shore of the country.

Reacting to the opinion poll, APM e-rats went to town with fake news that the leading contestant, Isiaka has stepped down as a diversionary tacit to water down the effect of the opinion poll.

Also, the result has rattled APC apologists that doubled their attack on GNI and entertaining themselves on their wishful thinking.

However, many analysts in the state have approved the veracity of the opinion poll as a true reflection of what voting pattern will look like on Saturday. They advised the electorate to be vigilant and defend their votes to prevent ballot box stuffing, altercation of result sheets and vote buying that characterised Presidential and National Assembly elections in the state.