Mayweather Battered Macgregor, Knocks Him Out Technically


The notorious Ireland kick boxer, Conor Mcgregor, Sunday received the greatest pounce of his life from the unbeatable US boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

Mcgregor who was knocked-out technically in round 10, said, “Mayweather was more composed then I thought.” The match tagged, “Money fight” saw many conservative millionaires and billionaires in attendance at Las Vegas, paying huge amount of money for their ticket.

Mayweather destroying Macgregor

However, Mayweather, who equally spoke with newsmen said, “Mcgregor is a great boxer but I made up my mind with determination to win.


He is good but I am better.” The match which started around 05:14am, witnessed Robert Boyd, the referee who gave them professional tips on how to have a good fight. Similarly, the 12 round money fight saw Mcgregor disadvantaged, his fans complained. The notorious kicker boxer was not allowed to use his deadly kick against the unbeatable Mayweather.