Nollywood star actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday, has responded to her ex-lover, Opeyemi Falegan who accused her of being unhygienic and unable to wash her panties for three days in a row.

Nkechi revealed that Falegan is only trying to stay relevant.

She also said she stopped wearing pants when she turned 18.

She accused Falegan of mistaking her for a 21-year-old girl he once begged for cash and told Falegan to leave her alone as the battle he is trying to fight is a lost one.


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She advised him to “clean the rat hole” he lives in first before accusing him of being unhygienic.

“Bro, are you dreaming? I’m shocked by this. Very laughable. Same P you forget and wake up in your hands. I can’t stop laughing. You have tried all your best to get people by your side but none seem to work out. Then this mighty lie that a day old child would detect that I don’t wear undies. God has just used your lie to vindicate me.”

Nkechi and ex lover have been at each other’s throats on Instagram since they separated a few weeks ago following irreconcilable differences.