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Igbo group faults Osinbajo over comment on 2023 presidency

Igbo pressure group, the Eastern Peoples Front (EPF) on Thursday faulted Vice President Yemi Osibanjo’s comment on 2023 elections describing it as vexatious and provocative Vice President.

Osinbajo had in Ibadan postulated that President Muhammadu Buhari will hand over the presidency to the southwest after completing his two terms of eight years in office.

According to National Coordinator & Leader of the EPF, Elder Ken Emechebe said the VP’s comment was an affront to the people of the South East whose turn it is to produce the president of Nigeria when power returns to the south.

Emechebe, while speaking to journalists in Abuja said: ”We are not unaware of what this insidious campaign is all about. It is devious blackmail aimed at arm-twisting the Igbo into voting for Buhari. But the plot is dead on arrival.

“Osinbajo’s revelation that Buhari promised to hand over power to the Yoruba is instructive. The implication is that any Igbo vote for Buhari is a wasted vote.

“We want to make it clear to the daydreamers from the southwest that the political destiny of the Igbo does not rest in the hands one man or any individual, be it Buhari or any other person. The Igbo know what is best for them and will make their choice without intimidation or blackmail from the Osinbajos and Fasholas of the South West.”

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