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Lagos Prince Ademola Eletu becomes Grand Patron of Islamic Movement

Penultimate Saturday, July 28, 2018, Royal Prince Ademola Eletu was graciously honored by Jamhiyatul Kun Fayakun Ibrahimiyat Society of Nigeria as the Grand Patron of the Islamic movement.

According to the founder of the organisation, Sheikh Lukmon Badmus revealed that his choice to decorate Prince Ademola Eletu Odibo as the Patron of the society is borne out of his contribution towards the growth of the society.

‘Prince Ademola Eletu is an enigma, a man who is always ready to give to the needy and ready to spend his last dime towards the upliftment of Almighty Allah’s religion. The choice to make him our grand patron is not a unilateral decision but a collective one from all members of the society’, he squealed.

Ko’ Pariwo as he’s popularly referred to by his loved ones is an astute Realtor who is bent to make his domain, Osapa London the biggest estate in Africa and a darling of foreign investors in years to come.

Prince Ademola Eletu was born into the family of  Eletu Odibo of Lagos. The Eletu Odibo patriarch, Chief Gbadamosi is the traditional nobleman that has historically served as the principal kingmaker of the Oba of Lagos. As head of the Akarigbere class of chiefs, the Eletu Odibo also serves as the prime minister of the Oba.

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