Emerging details have indicated oil magnate, Jeremi Sholaye confronts turbulence waves of controversies as well wrapped ‘embarrassing secrets’ are being exposed, reports Societynow NG.

The low profile status Jeremi has cultivated all his life is being shredded in the thick of controversies linking him to popular blogger Linda Ikeji.

Sholaye, fingered as the father of the baby Ikeji has named “Jayce Jeremi”.

The blogger herself subtle confirmed the Jeremi’s status with a social media post. Since then, a massive wave of controversy has hit Jeremi.

Beginning of the best year of my life! His name is Jayce by the way, Jayce Jeremi

According to Societynow NG, the oilman alleged to be a business front for powerful men in government now faces a barrage of public scrutiny that is unraveling hidden details of his life.

And embarrassing secrets are being dredged up.

One of the many carefully kept secrets is said to be the shocker that Jeremi has vowed not to “marry” the popular blogger.


Jeremi is reportedly to be in a deep relationship with another “decent” lady.

His “dalliance” with Ikeji that resulted in pregnancy is being dubbed “accidental”.

Details of an allegedly past dalliance with another society lady named as “Hart” are also being spread all over the city.

The report stated that further emerging stories are making “nonsense” of the carefully cultivated image of the low profile Jeremi.

They portray the Oilman as “irresponsible” and this is certainly not good for business.

“Jeremi’s sponsor needs him to maintain a very low profile. It is very bad he is now portrayed as irresponsible” a source stated.

It was gathered that Jeremi has been forced to release a statement that mischief makers are creating problems for him with “fake social media handles”.

A social media handle bearing Jeremi’s name expressed deeply felt appreciation for the birth of Linda’s Baby.

The Oil man claims he owns no social media account in a statement released on his behalf and signed by “Obafemi Ajayi”.

The gathering controversies are said to have put Jeremi’s business in big trouble as his image is being tattered all over town.

“He needs to avoid public scrutiny to retain his sponsors confidence and what he needs to avoid is exactly what this Linda Ikeji’s Baby Daddy’s drama is giving him” a source stated.

Source: Societynow NG