Marks of Gold is a subsidiary of one of Nigeria’s reputable construction companies, Belvis construction Nigeria Limited – incorporated in 2008. The company is wholly a 100% indigenous company, with an interest in manufacturing and provision of engineering services.

It specialises in mechanical and civil construction of Petrol stations, gas plants, Tank farms and training and personnel management.

With a goal to develop and nurture long term partnering relationships with our customers, Marks of Gold takes a holistic approach to the critical elements that customers require.


It has over time etched its stamp of authority in the business by providing services and products dedicated to meet customer’s expectations and a finished product of the highest quality for a fair price.

No wonder its ability to transform ideas and dreams into reality shot up to its intimidating profile.

Marks of Gold which also parades one of the most experienced teams of experts have grown both in size and reputation. The team is ranked in the list of professionals well qualified in manufacturing, oil & gas, engineering services and maintenance.

Its business strategy is to provide superior engineering offerings and consultancy services that rely on innovation as a core differentiator


LPG Plant management

Marks of Gold business objective is to help organizations increase their competitive advantage in the oil and gas industry, by understanding and improving a wide range of management and organization development especially human resource intervention, by offering the following services:

The establishment recruit, train and retain the highest calibre of experienced employees with proven ability to provide customer service excellence at all times.

They will create stringent recruitment strategies bespoke to your business need, which will outline a cost-effective method of recruiting new talent into your organisation along with the timescales involved.

Professional Standards – we conduct our business following strict ethical standards, maintaining complete confidentiality for candidates and clients alike.

We handle Outsourcing Employment / Payroll Management.


Located in Ota, the industrial hub of Ogun State, Marks of Gold has fully launched into Nigeria’s manufacturing and oil & gas sector – as a major player, with the capacity to fully service both the upstream and downstream segments. Also, project involvements traverse other sectors such as power, telecommunications, water engineering and transportation, amongst others.

Speciality areas include the following:

Atmospheric tanks (fixed and floating roof)

Pressure vessels/bullet shaped tanks

LPG spherical tanks and facilities

Maintenance and revamping of existing tank farms/facilities

Bitumen tanks, silos, stacks and ducts

Heavy steel structures for industrial buildings and offshore installations

Pipe racks and shelters for onshore installations

Petroleum haulage tankers

General fabrication etc

Generator services and maintenance

Diesel generator, whether used as prime or backup emergency power, must be regularly maintained to ensure the quality of power are performing in its optimum and are fuel-efficient.

Companies that own generators will require preventive maintenance to monitor the life-cycle of the power generators, codify the findings and apply regular routine maintenance.

Marks of Gold Power Services includes:

 Load bank testing

Changing fuel and air filters

Checking fluid levels

Battery inspection and cleaning of connections

Verifying control panel readings and indicators

Replacement of worn-out parts or upgrading components

Repair and overhauling of generators 

Foundry and Machine shop services

Marks of Gold provide high quality, total castings and machining solutions across the manufacturing, automotive, energy and wide range of engineering components.

Its structural casting, machining and engineering capabilities are relied upon in the industry for quality, integrity and their innovative answer to often complex engineering challenges, that are obtain sourced out of the shores of Nigeria.

Marks of Gold sand moulding capabilities capable of supplying medium to high volume production requirements. If sand cores are required to make the casting they are made in either the Shell or Chemically Bonded Sand process to satisfy requirements for high tolerances and micro-finish when needed.

Therefore, Marks of Gold supply, install and maintain Caterpillar generators, Mikano, F.G Wilson generators which are powered by Perkins engines and fitted with Leroy Somer alternators. And other diesel-powered generators/

Project Management

Outsourcing Project Management is a cost-effective solution for organizations that do not have the right Project Management skills to manage complex projects. Marks of Gold Management will work closely with the customer during the project life.

As a single point of contact or as part of an integrated management team with the customer, Maks of Gold apply PMC best practices and management skills developed on many completed projects, to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives.

From the Technology & Licensor selection phase to the management of multinational consortia in the execution & successful delivery of world-scale, lump-sum turnkey projects, Marks of Gold has the required project management experience and its goal is to be its customers’ PMC contractor of choice.

Doing PMC the Marks of Gold way ensures customers can manage their project risks in a proactive way and achieve their business objectives.

Engineering Design services

Design being at the heart of Marks of Gold from inception, the company has personnel that are well trained. The company’s design-house has remained up-to-date with design trends and at the forefront of technology. Herein, a constantly refreshing approach and quality concept-delivery ensure that value creation and innovation are central to required design projects.

The company carry-out mechanical and equipment drafting plate works, components, material handling systems and structural drafting.