THISDAY NG >>> Ahmed Mazloum is an unusual person who has done many great unusual things. If it is not unusual for a man with millions in his bank account to embark on no other adventure than to want to be at the peak of mount Kilimanjaro, just for kicks, then ‘unusual’ has lost its full meaning.

Because that is what Mr Mazloum, as he is called in some quarters, has always wanted to do, and the Lebanese Nigerian man (he carries passports of both countries) did just that – conquered the Kilmanjaro!

Many would have thought him crazy but to Mr Mazloum who is more like Mr Kilmanjaro, calls himself an adrenaline junkie because he goes after things that get his blood racing with excitement.

As the Managing Director of Unitop International Limited, a company that renders marine services and civil construction and Executive Director of Unitop Catering Services Limited, one would have expected him to be sedated with quiet life of a chief executive behind his luxurious desk and barking orders to many minions under him but that is not Ahmed Mazloum.

He is an uncommon regular guy who lives life at the edge and savours every moment of it with candour.


“I call myself an adrenaline junkie because I love doing things that set me on edge. I love the rush after doing something little risky and fun,” he mused when asked what made me took on the Kilimanjaro mission, knowing the risk involved.

“ Mount Kilimanjaro was special as I had long wanted to be among the few to be at the roof top of Africa. After seven days of hiking and climbing through four different types of weather it’s was amazing. I felt lifted and free of all stress of the world for a few minutes. The view was breathtaking. I appreciated God’s creation more. I made new friends from five different countries. It also made me mentally strong and I fell in love with people of Tanzania for the support they gave me, he beamed, recalling the experience.

Embarking on every worthy adventure is never easy and Ahmed never kidded himself he had a dinner table laid before him. Many would have been discourage seeing the enormity of the task before them, but Mr Mazloum is not like everyone.

“It’s something I always wanted to do but never had the courage to do it while growing up as I didn’t know any one that had any idea or how to go about. One day I told myself it’s now or never. I went online and did research and started buying all the gears online, bit by bit. I did two months intensive training in the gym and at home and contract a company in Tanzania for the permit and and logistic. It took me five days to the summit and two days down,” he said.

Ahmed Mazloum, business executive, fashion influencer, and entertainment lover was born in Lebanon to Lebanese parents who have had their roots in Nigeria since the 1930s. He grew up 90% in Nigeria, having attended Twin Fountains School, Warri, Delta State, for his primary education and later zoomed off to Lebanon for his secondary schooling.

He came back to Nigeria and got admitted into Delta State University but dropped out of school at 200 level to pursue his entrepreneurial dream which has paid off. He is a known contender in the civil construction and marine engineering sector without being a certified marine engineer.

Culled from THISDAY