A Nigerian student, Moses Akoh, in Manila Philippines is at the verge of making musical fame in the country, with his debut album, The Sound.

Akoh was one of the biggest revelations from last year’s Philippines hit reality singing competition, I Love OPM. reported that Akoh, a praise/worship leader wowed the audience and judges with his rendition of South Border’s classic hit, “Kahit Kailan.”

“Apart from his perfect enunciation and tone, (he’s fluent in both English and Tagalog) the burly singer won the audience over as soon as he hit that quintessential high note”, the paper said.


Here is the full story of Akoh, according to Manila Standard

“More than his voice, the judges were also impressed by Moses’ love for the Philippines and the Filipino people. As Martin Nievera remarked, “If we could love our country the way you do, what a country we would have. That’s one lesson we should learn with this show.”

He may not have won the grand prize, but his soulful style and unpretentious demeanour caught the attention of RnB King, Jay-R, who saw great potential in him and took him under his HomeWorkZ Music roster.

With his singing talent, it’s only a matter of time before this Moses writes his own commandments and sparks his own upheaval in the local music industry.

Soft-spoken and humble, the aspiring singer acknowledges the importance of originality and strives to find his own unique sound and niche.

Moses says, “I think we live in an evolving world, one that is constantly changing in a dynamic manner. To stay relevant in this ever-changing world, especially in the area of music, originality has and newness has to be at the forefront of our creative process. People are always in search of something new and we, as musicians, cannot afford to be left behind, and keep chewing on past glories and sounds, when we can explore the new frontiers. Excellence is the key.”

Despite having spent most of his singing stints backed up by a choir, Moses found himself in a totally new but challenging environment when he was asked to participate in HomeWorkZ Music’s Original Music Only concert tour, held recently in some of the metro’s club circuit as well as key U.S. cities.

He exclaimed, “One word ‘FANTASTIC. At first, I didn’t know what to expect, but as everyone began to perform their originals, I got to appreciate the creativity of everyone and how hard they worked to get their music done, with excellence.

“I got to be blessed with the amazing talent of all the HomeWorkZ artists and even the guest performers. For me, I was full of joy to have been able to bring my message of Jesus to the bar setting — bringing worship to the bars. My heart desire is to see people get closer to The Father above, through my music.”

Moses’ fans need not wait further. Under Jay-R’s mentorship and musical guidance, Moses’ debut album, The Sound will be out anytime soon. NAN