With tens of Nigerians dead in xenophobic attacks and in the hands of police officers in South Africa, the news that Imo State governor unveiled a statue in honour of visiting South African President Jacob Zuma has been met with rage.

The South African president was also honoured with a chieftaincy title, Imo State’s highest award and had a street named after him.

Okorocha’s action is condemnable, said the Civil Society Network Against Corruption, a coalition of more than 150 anti-corruption groups in Nigeria.

Their angst? President Jacob Zuma is currently being dogged by a litany of allegations of corruption. Hence, honouring him with titles is tantamount to portraying him as a ‘hero’ to African youths,  CSNAC said in a statement.


“Is Governor Okorocha not aware that the people of South Africa are currently demanding for the resignation of a leader who has brought shame and dishonour to the country of Nelson Mandela?” the group queried in the statement.

It was not only the anti-corruption group that was pissed, Twitter reactions – from Nigerians and South Africans – have been fast and furious, with many questioning the propriety of Okorocha’s gesture.

Are there those miffed that Zuma has done almost next to nothing about xenophobic attacks on Nigerians? You bet!




In honour of all Nigerians killed in South Africa in the name of xenophobia, Rochas Okorocha thanks Jacob Zuma with a statue.


2 Nigerians killed & others injured by South African police.
No word from Jacob Zuma…yet Rochas Okorocha built a statue in his honour.

Jacob Zuma over and above workers’ salaries? Not a good move.

Gov. Rochas Okorocha has 6 more statues to unveil & more African leaders to honour. D Jacob Zuma statue is just 1. Nigeria is in trouble!
How worse can it get?
Despite owing workers, Gov. Rochas spent 520M to erect statue of South African president Jacob Zuma in Owerri

Did Governor Rochas Okorocha think t his action was a good diplomatic nod? These voices from across the border said NO.

Rochas erected a statue of Jacob Zuma in Imo
This govt & making Nigeria a subject of international ridicule
A statue of Jacob Zuma was unveiled in Nigeria. I never thought Nigeria is such a clueless country
Even Jacob Zuma’s statue isn’t impressed with this

With other statues yet to be unveiled, someone thinks Robert Mugabe may get a shoo-in.

Gov Rochas just erected a humongous statue of Jacob Zuma in Imo.
What next?? Name a Stadium or Airport after Robert Mugabe??

And the Nkiru Sylvanus connection…

If you think building Jacob Zuma’s statue was outrageous, wait until Gov. Okorocha unveils the statue next to Zuma. It may be Nkiru Slyvanus

                                                                                                                                                                                The Guardian NG