Prince Adewole Adebayo,  the Social Democratic Party SDP standard bearer in the 2023 general elections said there is nothing mystical about Nigeria and her leadership except that Nigerian leadership has not allowed the fear of God to dwell in it. He said the continuous spate of insecurity in the country showed the insensitive nature of the country’s leadership.

The presidential hopeful was bearing his mind yesterday when he, his running mate, party executives, and supporters visited the president of the Christain Association of Nigeria, CAN,  Reverend Samson Ayokunle over insecurity in the land, among other national issues.

The Federal Ministry of Education a few days ago ordered the immediate closure of the Federal Government College, Kwali, in the federal capital territory (FCT) over security threats.

The Security breach in communities around the school is attributed to the closure.


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For the Prince of Ondo Kingdom, “Before the schools were shut down, the first thing that was shut down was the presidency. The presidency has been shut down for the past seven years. The government has shut itself down. If we are not careful, the government will be the bandits and the bandits will be arresting the government. We need to be serious and do the work. We need our people in insecurity to pay attention, we need the president to protect us and be the Commander in Chief”.

He said until there is honest and purposeful leadership, the country might just still continue grappling with almost the challenges it is presently facing, adding that only the person with the capacity and capability can bring the country out of the woods. ” All the problems the latest of which is banditry, our debt servicing is bigger than our income is all arising from the deficit of our dishonesty that we are not honest people, that when we are given authority to exercise, we don’t do it honestly. If we change our ways, God’s blessing will be upon us. There is no mystery about leadership in Nigeria. It is just that the right leader must come with the right heart, with the right people”, he stated.

For Reverend Ayokunle, there is a need to elect the right leader who will make Nigeria work better.

“There is a need to elect the right person who will make Nigeria work better and transform its fortunes for the benefit of all. We need as many people as God has touched to contest for the presidency so that people have ample opportunities to choose from”.