A quiet but very intense investigation is on

And the objective is to discern the immediate and remote cause of the mysterious death of Olugbemiga, the son of oil baron and politician Dapo Abiodun.

Late Olugbemiga

DJ Olu as the deceased is fondly called died in his car, along with his friend identified as Chime early Sunday morning.

News of the death shocked friends who claimed he was neither ill nor suffered anything that could be tied to his “sudden death”.

According to societynow, Special Ed, one of his associates and co-member of the crew of musician Davido ( David Adeleke) went on to social media to express strong misgiving about Olu’s death.


“That shows the emotional turmoil and trauma they are going through and how much they all care for the deceased” a source offered.

Olu is widely labelled a “good person”.

Sources hint societynow that behind the scene, the extremely distressed father of the deceased has requested a “vigorous and clinical” investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of his son and his friend.

“The investigation has been launched…though everybody trying to keep an open mind, there is a strong suspicion of foul play” a source stated.

The “friends” were reportedly found dead inside Olu’s car in Lagos.   Source;