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Ogun: Oluwafemi Árábàmbi, A Household Name in Political Prostitution by Olusoji Daniel

I was relaxing in Lagos for the weekend when I got a call that H.E. Dapo Abiodun, Executive Governor of Ogun state had called for a meeting of all political party leaders in the state.

I was drawn aback as I had to cut my trip short and be present as my people say, Oopeni ní ń ṣọ́lá.

On getting to Abẹ́òkúta, I realized a certain embattled member of IPAC Ogun, by the name Oluwafemi Árábàmbi, who was elected as the chairman of IPAC and famous for financial inappropriation as well as a household name in political prostitution, was the one behind the call, the Governor being a respected man, I was enticed to honor his call, on the flipside, Árábàmbi is not a man any sane politician will like to be associated with, and hence the reason myself and 39 other state leaders decided to stay off such meetings that could easily be misinterpreted and would forever remain a dent to one’s name.

Little did we know it was the smartest decision.

The following morning after a cup of ogi baba, my phonẹ started buzzing, about five other political heads in the state had called me to confirm how Árábàmbi had concocted figures to deceive the innocent governor. He had mobilized market women in droves, and with only about 16 authentic party leaders, dressed them appropriately for the event and given them names of party to bear, who will hear that they will meet with the governor, Share a handshake and even appear in photo ops, and not jump at it??

The governor got scammed again, by another well dressed, hair-dying political jobber.

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This was a sworn enemy to the Dapo Abiodun’s electoral victory but in 24hrs, he had appeared in radio stations, granted newspaper interviews to many outlets and appeared on all local TV stations.

Last night, a brawl broke out from his camp, another of his Ẹ̀gbọ́n, whom he has always scammed but had always kept quiet for sake of whatever reason realized he can’t take it no more. Ẹ̀gbọ́n Awofala who happened to be one of his breakthrough into the Ógùn political clout back in the days of Labour party decided to tear the roof down on him. He showed us publicly how Árábàmbi had duped Ladi Adebutu, Amosun, GNI, Triple A and many more in the state. All this, he did within one year of being the chairman of IPAC in Ogún state.

Awofala assumes he embezzled 10M, but from my records he collected more than triple that figure. Facts to be available when necessary.

These are the men that decide whom you will vote. He visited Governor Dapo and got 5M again last week, and between the collection point and delivery to those who attended, 2M disappeared, he gave the market women and the other chairmen 50k each, collected the balance and disappeared into thin air.

The amusing part is the innocent Dr. Oshinowo of ADC he’s tagging along in his mud fight.

So, from my abode in Lagos today, I got this communique that myself and my party has been suspended from IPAC Ogun because we didn’t honor the governor’s call, and we issued a rebuttal to his purported 80 political parties scam that visited the governor as against the 61 in the state. We told those who cared to listen that he’s a scam and out party the ANRP Ogun State was not part of such heinous scam.

However, it’s a few days to Ogun IPAC election, and Árábàmbi seeks a second term in office.

Apart from the obvious, which is the fact that he has not power to carry out the said sack of his colleagues, I wish to state this clearly, so that history will be kind to all of us, and those who will come after us will know where we were and what path they should thread. Árábàmbi and his minions are not those we can allow to thrive in politics, else, good people like the governor will give the people reason to doubt their integrity.


Olusoji Daniel




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