Africa hasn’t been fortunate with GOVERNANCE, democracy a type that affords people-centric participation and benefits that spreads evenly has been struggling for survival.

NIGERIA which should bear the torch for the rest of the continent is just trying to find her feet.

The Fourth Republic foundation was a shaky one, the fifth term of which is being haunted by past gory episodes of the true tenets of democracy!

It was one built around personalities at the expense of institutions. It was one where votes counted less while the wishes of powers that be held sway.


Legacy, lasting to bequeath a functional society was not given prominence, as there exists a recurring easy path to position, mastered by godfathers, while having not to impact positively on the populace or their involvement.

The people endured, for too long, almost turning against them, looking at the downturn of HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDICES.

The people took a decisive retreat, shopped for a different platform, the APC for governance, which has loads of the previous players, the PDP, this slowed an envisaged journey, almost bringing it to a disastrous halt.

The once ruling party turned opposition after a disastrous loss at the polls, was groining under dwindling fortune, while the present APC government struggled,  constantly swimming against the tide to muster modest achievements, while the people expect more goodies of governance.

As the profile of the present government inch up moderately the opposition got uncomfortable, looking for ideas of staging a dramatic comeback, a chance which they wish not to fritter.

They deployed MEDIA propaganda, this was inadvertently aided by an arrogant, self conceited government MEDIA team, who choose to abuse instead of dissemination of credible information, who lament as against refuting unfavorable stories. Thus giving the room for all manners of lexicon: HAILERS, WAILERS, HERDSMEDIA just for the mention.

This gave rise to loads of false information, the populace was almost fed with more of false or half-truths, reason for this I place on those who have the title of the Hawk who is unable to prey on the chicken.

At the turn of every contest, a barometer of outcome is set up on either side of the divide, Government and the opposition.

There were instances of the Government of the day losing ELECTION to the opposition, which is often taken in good faith, conversely the opposition sees a loss as the deployment of state instrument of Office to subdue and suppress the opposition.

As the build- up to 2019 ELECTION draws near, I see the perfection of the spoiler strategy on the side of the opposition, the PDP, this was displayed in the recently conducted EKITI 2018 GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION.

The GOVERNOR Ayodele Peter the rock FAYOSE who was not vying but  pocketed the candidate Professor Olusola Eleka,  of his party in his shadows, based on his political sagacity the style which the people are impatient to discard.

After testing the waters, finding out the likely outcome of the contest, mischief was deployed.

The people of EKITI were almost pitched against overzealous security agents of the state. Save for tact, that got used at the last minute, the disrupted rally staged in front of the Government house would have been one with casualty figure which might necessitate a justified calling off the ELECTION. It is amazing the PDP is quick in pointing out anomalies, most of which they used to be guilty of, up to the present moment too.

Anyway, it is good righting a wrong, having the moral pedestal to stand upon is of essence though.

The spoiler strategy is not limited to members of the PDP. Their chairman Uche Secondus was at an event sending a tactical invitation to the military.

In his words: “The APC-led  Government has foisted on this NATION a kind of military democracy that can not be described.

It is better for us to have full-blown military”

Statement like this is unfortunate and so provocative, the intent of which is to derail the Democratic journey, having been relegated for just about three and a half years! We all should not be viewed as spoilers in a fair contest. Will it not be ideal they return to the drawing board for a better strategy?

It can actually get better.

At the national assembly, as the alignment and re-alignment were on-going, while the present set of defectors ably led by OLOYE BUKOLA SARAKI, basked in the euphoria of a successful cross-carpeting, the counter move by Godswill Akpabio caused a stir, which made the opposition to dust up the mischief plot of spoiler strategy once again.

This is the reason we should not rule out a SARAKI link in the blockade of the National Assembly by masked men of the DSS, whose major casualty was their Director General, who doubles as a relation of the PRESIDENT.

As much as the theory of having Lawal Daura doing the bidding of SARAKI looks absurd, he Daura was behind the letter that nailed IBRAHIM Magu from getting the nod of the Senate as the PRESIDENT’S nominee for the EFCC chair.   He Daura was fingered also in the twist and turns that occurred in the case of  DSS operatives who were accused of stealing #310 million in BUKOLA SARAKI’S residence.

Why and what allegiance got traded for is best explained by the former DSS head. Of the list’: CUSTOMS, DSS,  EFCC AND POLICE, the only agency SARAKI is having no brush with is the DSS, this calls for some soul-searching.

This to me is another spoiler strategy on display by the SARAKI and PDP team, all in a bid to amass sentiment here and internationally.

Hope APC hierarchy, well-meaning NIGERIANS are up to the task of reading between the lines?

Never should we fall for cheap blackmail on display, hence the real reason behind the masked men action should be thoroughly investigated, made public and real culprits sanctioned.

Layi Deinde 2018