“All I want is family and not Psqure”-Peter

Peter Okoye, formerly of Psquare, has said he’s enjoying the best moment of his career as a solo artiste, The Cable NG reports.

In an interview on Rhythm FM, Peter said there is “no going back” to Psquare.

When asked if he would be able to achieve the same feat Psquare had as a group; he said: “I think we are done and dusted. We have moved on. This is the best moment of my career, for it to be the moment of my career, there is no going back.”

Peter said his colleagues in the industry are fully aware that himself and twin brother Paul Okoye are over for good as a group, saying “they know better” than the fans.

He said: “They know the deal, these people know these things. They should know better. What the fans know is different from what my colleagues know. I think my colleagues know more because they are closer. I don’t want to mention names.”


The  Cable NG also reported that the singer, who fought for several years to discard the tag of ‘Psquare dancer’, said he hasn’t felt lonely since the separation, adding that everything is still the same.

Peter said: “Nothing, people just sit down and say ‘You are missing your brother’. What am I? How old am I? Do I Iook like a 13-year-old? It has been 18/19 years now, and we have done well for ourselves. Can we just move on?

“Everybody has their own moment, we had that moment.  But right now this is my moment. It is me, and I am sure he is having it too. I am sure he is also enjoying his moment too.

“I had a performance yesterday, when I came out, a white guy held my shoulder and said ‘dude, where did you get all that energy from?’

“I am in charge, I am on stage, and I do all those mad effects. I can’t wait to start doing my own, like Mr. P’s concert. Look at what happened at the Invasion Concert. I pulled up that Invasion Concert myself, I rehearsed everything.”

Peter also shed light on the moment which he realised Psquare had to disband.

He said: “I think it was a time we were about to go on stage. I don’t want to mention the name. For that concert I had a plan of when we were going to perform because I did the rehearsal with the band. Unfortunately, when we were about to perform the list changed.

“People just think I just woke up one morning and decided [to part ways with Psquare]. I got the disrespect, not just in music but my personal life, my family.

“For the sake of peace, whether we like it or not there was Okoye before Psquare, the name Psquare will go, the Okoyes will remain. All I want is family but it’s so sad that others want Psquare. I can’t deal with all that.”

The Cable NG