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Senator Gbenga Daniel Recognizes the Teaching Spirit in All Professions on World Teachers’ Day

Senator Gbenga Daniel

Senator Gbenga Daniel has acknowledged the fundamental role of teachers in our society. In a heartfelt message commemorating World Teachers’ Day, the Ogun East Senator noted that teaching is not confined to classrooms alone; it is a shared responsibility that transcends various professions and vocations.

The Senator emphasizes that parents, clergy, leaders, engineers, lawmakers, doctors, accountants, architects, and individuals from all walks of life are, in essence, teachers. They impart knowledge, skills, and wisdom in their unique ways, contributing to the growth and development of society.

Recognizing the challenges that come with the teaching vocation, Senator Gbenga Daniel expresses gratitude to those who have chosen this noble path. He commends their dedication and efforts in lightening the burdens of others.

His statement reads:
“We are all Teachers!
“From parents, clergy, leaders, engineers, lawmakers, senators, doctors, accountants, architects, and all professions and vocations, we are teaching one thing or the other… we know what it takes to be a Teacher and we appreciate the challenges too.

On this occasion, we can say we say Thank You to the men and women who have made this a vocation by taking some of the burdens away from the rest of us.

“Happy Teachers Day!”

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