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The Killing of Policemen in Ibadan: Open Letter To Governor Seyi Makinde by Adejare Ibrahim

By Adejare Ibrahim

Your Excellency, Engineer Seyi Makinde, we wish to bring to your notice the sad incident of 22nd October 2020, where two policemen were hacked down by some protesters in Iwo Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.

On the said date, under the guise of #EndSARS protest, some criminals killed two policemen, burnt them, cut them into pieces and ate their roasted flesh (their carcasses).

Sir, this heinous crime was not done under the covers or at night. The dastardly act was perpetrated in broad daylight, when people, including children, were moving about the environment.

From a reliable source, sir, after the carcasses of these uniformed men were butchered and dismembered, they were sliced into piecemeal for consumption with chill alcoholic drinks. It was sort of merriment and carnival, around that area on that day, with the roasted carcasses.

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Sad enough, Mr Governor, the gory scene was videoed and posted on different social media platforms. This act can in no way be better described than a sardonic grin of some bloody ruffians and cannibals. This happened in a place less than 10 kilometres away from the Oyo State Government House (your official residence).

This heart-wrenching act revisits our early political dark days of Operation Wetie in 1962, where people were callously murdered without any significant consequences. Crimes of this nature, if left uninvestigated, embolden criminal elements in our society. We cannot gloss over this serious matter, sir.

Sir, this is definitely beyond politics. We are ready to lend our helping hands and assist you in entrenching the doctrine of sanity in our society. We seek no political gains or pecuniary largesse in the performance of these civic and patriotic duties. As meagre as a thousand naira, don’t give us. We are ready to assist. Also, we have no personal axe to grind or vendetta against anyone. Our fundamental concern is bringing criminals to justice.

Your Excellency, as concerned citizens of this State, we cannot fold our hands and watch these egregious acts go unpunished. Sir, we, hereby, implore you, as the Chief Security Officer of the State, to set up a panel of enquiry that will investigate all criminalities perpetrated and attached to the #EndSARS protest and bring all culprits to book.

God bless Oyo State.

*Adejare Ibrahim writes on behalf of some concerned Oyo State Citizens.

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