UBA@75: A Legacy of Vision, Dedication, and Innovation

“Together, we will write the next chapter of success for United Bank for Africa Plc.” – Oliver Alawuba

In a world where institutions rise and fall, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) stands tall, celebrating 75 years of unwavering commitment to excellence. Since its inception in 1949, UBA has been a beacon of hope, trust, and reliability, adapting to the changing tides of technology and innovation.

With a clear vision and purpose, UBA has consistently focused on supporting and transforming businesses across Africa, particularly in the critical SME space. The bank’s dedication to its customers, embodied in its C1st Philosophy, has built a legacy of trust and reliability, earning the loyalty of generations of customers.

From pioneering technological advancements like chat banking bots and cash deposit ATMs to innovative solutions like Braille account opening forms for the visually impaired, UBA has continuously pushed boundaries. Group Managing Director, Oliver Alawuba, attributes the bank’s success to its unwavering commitment to excellence, stating, “UBA has continued to support and transform businesses across Africa, especially in the critical SME space.”


“UBA’s success would have been impossible without the visionary leadership and tutelage of our Group Chairman, Mr. Tony Elumelu,” Alawuba said, applauding his leadership.

Alawuba reiterated UBA’s commitment to improving and facilitating intra-Africa trade, stating, “We are committed to developing Africa. We are committed to supporting the key sectors that are pushing African economies… If you look at our accounts and performance, you will see that our performance has continued to improve, reflecting clearly what we are doing.”

He emphasized UBA’s support for SMEs, saying, “We don’t just support these businesses; we support all the value-chain that are tied to these businesses so that the SMEs will continue to thrive. SMEs are the future of Africa and will continue to provide support to SME businesses.”

Alawuba highlighted the importance of collaboration and partnerships, stating, “We are committed to expanding our presence, seizing growth opportunities, and delivering value to all stakeholders. Collaboration and partnerships… will be instrumental in achieving our strategic objectives.”

He expressed UBA’s dedication to deepening relationships with stakeholders, saying, “We are dedicated to deepening relationships with customers, employees, regulators, and other stakeholders for mutual benefit and long-term success.”

This milestone anniversary, its story serves as a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and innovation. Alawuba urged stakeholders to continue their support and collaboration, saying, “Together, we will write the next chapter of success for United Bank for Africa Plc.”

As UBA embarks on its next phase, with a consistent track record of adapting to change and embracing new technologies, UBA remains a shining example of an institution that has truly achieved greatness.