U.S President Joe Biden has rejected coups in Africa, voicing his support for the African Union (AU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

He spoke against the backdrop of recent coups in Niger and Gabon at the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 78) at the UN headquarters in New York, Tuesday.

Biden called for international cooperation to tackle global challenges, stressing that countries across the world share a common future.


He said: “The United States seeks a more secure, more prosperous and equitable world for all people because we know our future is bound to yours.

“Let me repeat that again: We know our future is bound to yours.

“We will not retreat from the values that make us strong. We will defend democracy, our best tool to meet the challenge that we face around the world

“Let’s do this work together. Let’s deliver progress for everyone.

Similarly, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa called on the global community to work with the African Union to end conflicts across Africa.

He said: “The global community needs to work alongside the African Union to support peace efforts in the (Democratic Republic of Congo), in Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Central African Republic, South Sudan, North Mozambique, the Great Lakes region, the Sahel, Nigeria and the Horn of Africa”