Mrs Noimot Salako-Oyedele, running mate to the Ogun State All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate, Prince Dapo Abiodun has assured their government would bring hope to the hopeless situation across the state.

She said the ordinary people of Ogun State in the rural areas need to be shown there are some people at the helms of the affairs of government adding that it is their basic rights to feel more impact of the governments.

Salako-Oyedele, in an interview with The Nation newspaper, expressed concerns on the state of infrastructure and basic amenities in the state.

“Infrastructure is in dire state and the people lack basic amenities in most parts of the state. Health, education, roads, name it, are all in need of attention. Campaigning round the state was an eye opener and one is able to understand why our people are eager for a better government. I am saddened by what I have seen and challenged by the tasks ahead. We have a lot to do,” she said.


Salako-Oyedele, an engineer with about thirty years foreign and local experiences in the private sector, however, told the newspaper they are prepared for the task ahead.

She said, “We have a task of bringing hope to these seemingly hopeless situations across the state. The people received us well. They told us their needs. They pleaded that we must come to their aid. They want a new direction that will give them hope and they are trusting us to bring about this new direction. They are ready and eager to vote for us on March 9th. We also must be prepared to meet their expectations.

“People need to feel the impact of government. Beyond what we see in the cities, the ordinary people of Ogun State in the rural areas need to be shown there are some people at the helms of the affairs of government. Currently, they feel no impact of the governments. These are things we will urgently go about addressing once we take office. My principal is as eager to touch the lives of the people as I am.

“The task is daunting but I am sure we have the right attitude and intentions and those are the things that matter. We will work with all and sundry to bring about the much-needed changes and I believe the good people of Ogun State will be the greatest beneficiaries of this struggle we have embarked on. Our state is a state of many firsts. We shouldn’t be backward. Today, our youths are languishing around the towns and villages without hope for the future. We want to change this narrative.

“We will bring in new sets of skills from our various backgrounds to complement what the civil servants have on ground. That way, we will achieve more results and touch more lives. We will learn from the civil servants, they will learn from us and that way, the state will witness a better administration.”

Speaking on experience garnered from the private sector and fresh ideas for governance, Salako-Oyedele said, “Government is a continuum, as such we intend to continue the good things being done while introducing a lot of new things that will further bring about the desired results. We will work with the civil servants. I want to assure you that I will bring my experiences to bear on the administration.

“My principal is also a well-grounded private sector player. We will work for Ogun State, and together, we will change the narratives.”