BUA Founder/Chairman Abdulsamad Rabiu

Little wonder, he has steadily evolved as one of Africa’s biggest philanthropists with his BUA Foundation…

In the mafia-esque cement and sugar industries, with its unwritten and understated Omerta, Alhaji Abdulsamad Rabiu is a current champion. Rabiu has shown that he is not just about making money but making it available as resources for advancing the lot of humanity.

Many have wondered how he came to amass such vast affluence and an enduring sway at the pinnacle of the business world; it’s mostly a function of perception. So adept is he at his vocation that he constantly discovers rare business opportunities often invisible to his peers. Simply put, Rabiu has acquired his reputation by good judgment, fair dealing, exactness, and rectitude – which jointly constitute the essence of his good fortune.

Little wonder, he has steadily evolved as one of Africa’s biggest philanthropists with his BUA Foundation and the phenomenal Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative established to support sustainable development initiatives in health, education and social development within Nigeria and the rest of Africa through its annual $100 million dollars grant.


However, blogosphere was on fire some days ago when a video surfaced online that he bought the Emir of Kano a new Rolls Royce worth N200million. The story was everywhere but some people debunked it as totally untrue while some are swearing that the story is true. As of now though, there’s no official statement from BUA group or Rabiu’s media team to dispel or authenticate the story.

But for those who know and have benefitted from his large-heartedness, a N200m Rolls Royce is nothing to the billionaire businessman. It is not up to what he can splurge on whatever would benefit humanity and a royal stool he swears by. Beyond his love for humanity, however, Rabiu loves the good life. And, he doesn’t cut corners in living life to the hilt.

You couldn’t have forgotten so soon that days after the successful bidding process that produced Axens, the largest hydrocarbon firm in France as the licensee of the multibillion-dollar BUA Group’s 200,000 barrels per day (BPD) refinery and petrochemical plant in Nigeria, he went back to his favourite pastime; sailing on his super luxury yacht, clinking glasses in celebration and savouring the blue waters of the enthralling French Riviera.

Life is good for the Kano-born billionaire, no doubt. And he lives it up without inhibitions. Like he did when he celebrated his birthday last August with an extravagant getaway aboard his expedition yacht valued at $15million, Rabiu convened some of his closest associates to celebrate his most recent mega business success on the super-luxury yacht that is capable of providing ultra-luxe accommodations and a wide array of toys and tools for exploration while at it. It also has a movie theatre, outdoor bar, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and helipad among other luxury amenities that make the world go round.

So, buying a Rolls Royce for his Royal father and making a song and dance of it is not just Samad style.

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