By Edrian Blasquino

Women are changing the face of the energy industry and have the potential to do even more. This is a major shift in the industry, as female leadership has historically been overlooked in this sector.

Women Driving Change: How Women Are Revolutionizing the Energy Industry

Did you know that female leaders are revolutionizing the energy industry? Although men have traditionally dominated this sector, women are increasingly driving change and making their mark across multiple aspects of the energy market.

Women are disrupting long-held gender stereotypes about who should work in these industries and showing how new perspectives can lead to greater innovation and success.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the inspiring women who are breaking down barriers within the energy industry – from pioneering new technologies to launching businesses focused on sustainability – and what it all means for our society at large.


So let’s get started!

Awa Sene

Awa Sene, an entrepreneur and visionary, launched the very first solar-powered cold chain in her village in Senegal. It highlights not only her technical brilliance but also her awareness of global crises such as energy shortages.

The solar-powered cold chain still requires a small amount of electricity to operate, however, it is able to generate enough power itself to keep it running sustainably. Sene has positioned herself at the forefront of global innovation – and made great strides in solving our global energy crisis. She was named Best Entrepreneur of 2019 at the Fatick Solar Energy Forum.

Miriam Tuerk

Miriam Tuerk is an inventor disrupting the energy industry with groundbreaking improvements to the way we use electricity. She has created customized renewable energy solutions that can reduce power bills for both companies and households alike.

Thanks to her work, it’s now possible to utilize solar and wind-powered sources of energy to produce enough electricity for everyday needs. But it goes beyond this; her inventions are designed to run more efficiently than ever, maximizing output while reducing the cost of upkeep. It’s no wonder why Miriam Tuerk is hailed as a pioneer in sustainable energy!

Joyce Najm Mendez

Joyce Najm Mendez is a young social entrepreneur working on sustainability and climate change in Latin America. With many years of experience as an executive in the sector, her knowledge and insight make her a valuable asset to anyone looking to break into that space.

She thrives on developing innovative strategies that drive results and works closely with her team to make sure each member has what they need to succeed. From launching new products to negotiating key partnerships, she is committed to working hard in order to cultivate positive relationships and create meaningful change.

What’s more, Joyce holds a strong interest in sustainability; she regularly organizes events and initiatives to increase awareness around green energy sources and ensure that both the environment and people benefit from reducing the industry’s environmental footprint.

Eduarda Zoghbi

Eduarda Zoghbi is a powerhouse climate change advocate who has been recognized for her dedication and commitment to the environment. The Atlantic Council’s Women Leaders in Energy honored her with their Fellowship, as well as both Global Youth Visionary awards and North American Association for Environmental Education’s “30 Under 30.”

Before continuing graduate school, she was an active consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank guiding Brazil toward sustainable infrastructure building and managing green finance initiatives for forestry & agriculture projects.

Mary Schapiro

Mary Schapiro is leading a global effort to help firms mitigate the economic risks associated with climate change. She’s calling for companies to adopt a new approach to reporting their financial risk from climate-related issues, known as TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures).

The goal is for organizations to align their environmental strategies with their business models and understand climate risks so that they can make better decisions leading to long-term success. It’s no small undertaking, but many well-respected organizations are opting in and this plan could be essential in increasing the sustainability of our planet.

Helen Bertelli

Helen Bertelli is on a mission to tackle two of the biggest issues facing society – climate change and gender inequality.

Through Women in Climate Tech, she’s offering free monthly programming that empowers hundreds of members and newsletter subscribers with the tools for career growth as they strive to be part of solving this global crisis. Additionally, her firm Benecomms is dedicated to creating a positive environmental impact through marketing & PR initiatives.

Women’s views and ideas

Women’s views and ideas may be undervalued still today, but with inspiring trailblazers like Helen Bertelli leading the charge, there will no doubt be exciting changes ahead of us.

Women are changing the face of the energy industry and have the potential to do even more. This is a major shift in the industry, as female leadership has historically been overlooked in this sector. With climate change becoming an increasingly pressing issue, female leadership will be needed more than ever in the fight for clean, renewable energy sources.

Through hard work and dedication, these women are breaking gender norms and providing their innovative ideas to revolutionize the industry. Their impact is already being felt and they have the potential to make changes that could benefit people around the world.

On top of that, we must recognize that without these incredible female leaders working in energy, progress wouldn’t be occurring at such a rapid pace – proving just how powerful women can be when given the opportunity to lead.

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