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Zazu singer, Portable visits streets he was accused of stealing, throws money around

Habeeb Okikiola, the Zazu crooner reportedly stormed Ilogbo town, in Ota Ogun State in the white Range Rover he was given in December 2021.

The wave-making singer who coined new and popular street slang – ‘Zazu’, also reportedly caused a stir on the streets throwing money here and there.

 “He was throwing money on the streets and people were scrambling, particularly the layabouts” SocietyNow.Ng reports.

It was gathered that the move by the singer who loves to be addressed as “Were Olorin” (the crazy singer) was to “spit in the face” of naysayers with his fame.

Information made available revealed that the singer had faced accusations of involvement in the disappearance of a Keke Marwa (commercial tricycle ) in the area before fame and money came calling.

“He was accused of involvement in the stealing of a Keke Marwa before all this fame of thing. He was manhandled and the incident was a big talk back then. Portable did a video to address the issue accusing his accusers of trying to spoil his career before it started” SocietyNow.Ng gathered.

Further investigation revealed that Monday’s visit was not the first time the singer whose original stage name is “Portable Omolalomi” came to “show off” in the area he was accused of stealing.

He was reportedly in the axis before Christmas moving around town in a convoy that had his elder sister – whom he formerly resided in the area – calling on his accusers to come and see how well he has done since the stealing allegations. (SocietyNow NG)

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