There are several variables to consider when looking at a relationship that has turned sour


Why is it so common for the average Nigerian to blame the woman when a relationship or marriage hits the rocks?

Everywhere I turn today, it’s a story of the Alakijas’ separation.

As I started reading the stories about the separation, what first came to my mind was the recent story about the husband, Mr. Modupe Alakija, being suspended from Ikoyi Club for assaulting a fellow member. I thought to myself if that temper wasn’t happening at home.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming the man and i am not supporting the woman, i am just concerned about the propensity for blaming the woman alone in Naija’s failed marriage or relationship.

There are several variables to consider when looking at a relationship that has turned sour.

Dear Naija men, it takes two to tango.

If Sinachi, the singer, had left her husband and marriage, she might be alive today.

Must we blame a woman for running away from a toxic marriage or relationship?

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Some said Folorunsho Alakija is a marriage counselor and that they thought she would keep her home.

And so what?

Are you for real?

Are you saying a woman should stay even if the marriage might lead to her demise?

Come on now!

And these people have been married for over 30 years.

Give her a break, please!

She’s a human being, for God’s sake.

And it’s a separation at this moment. Who says that they can’t patch whatever they’re going through?

And if it ends in divorce, how is that your problem?

Are you saying because she’s the richest woman in Nigeria and she’s a pastor or whatever it means she should take every bad thing that comes her way and say okay to it?

Dear Naija men, please stop this nonsense of blaming the women alone.

We men too have our faults, and we are sometimes the catalyst for the separation or divorce.

Let’s stop the blame game and work on our differences so as to have better relationships and marriages.

Peace and Love to y’all.

– Adex Show