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Ambode deviates from Lagos blueprint – Tinubu

Lagos state former governor and a National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has disclosed how incumbent governor, Akinwunmi Ambode deviated from the state’s blueprint.

It was also a day Tinubu formally endorsed and declared his support for the aspiration of Managing Director of the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

According to a statement made available by his Media Office, yesterday, Tinubu also gave insight into why Ambode may not return in 2019.

Tinubu’s statement read: “As a leader of the party and as a former governor of our beloved and excellent Lagos, I would be remiss if I did not make a few observations regarding the primary. I make no pretence that the masterplan is perfect. It can always be fine-tuned.

“However, whenever a government departed from this plan without compelling reason, the state and its people have borne the painful consequence of the improper departure.

“To ignore this blueprint for progress in order to replace it with ad-hoc schemes of a materially inferior quality contravenes the spirit of progressive governance and of our party.

“Such narrowness of perspective does not bring us closer to our appointed destination; it takes us further from that destiny. For reasons unknown to me and most Lagosians, we have experienced such deviations from enlightened governance recently.

“This trend is that which most concerns me as the primary nears. We must arrest this trend before irreparable harm is committed against the people and their future.

Tinubu restated his belief in direct primaries adopted by the state chapter of the APC.

“For the record, let it be known that I shall vote in this primary because I see it as one of extreme import to our state and our party. Just as I shall vote, I equally urge all party members to do so.

“With the holding of direct primaries to elect governorship candidates in Lagos and other states, the APC groundbreaking step toward greater internal democracy and progressive governance for the benefit of all people”

“Tomorrow, (today) our party and the people of Lagos will have an encounter with destiny. We shall hold our governorship primary. While our party is young, it has grown fast and has travelled far in a short time. This speaks well of the character of you, the party’s rank-and-file members…

“We are democrats in the truest sense of the word. As such, we forever search for what is good and right for the people…By resort to direct primaries, the party places the people’s future soundly in their hands. As democracy would have it, you shall be the authors of the party’s nomination and hopefully our next state government.I trust in the wisdom of the people and will abide it.

“We must vote in a manner that returns Lagos to its better path, the one that promises a just chance for all to enjoy the fruits of our prosperity. We must always pursue our goal of a Lagos energised by creative dynamism, tolerance of others, and guided by a leadership capable of extending a collegial hand to all stakeholders, far and wide.

In a veiled reference to Sanwo-Olu’s candidature of Babajide, Tinubu said: “I am encouraged by the emergence of a candidate in this primary who has served the state in senior positions in my administration, the Fashola administration and even in the current one.

“While possessing a wealth of experience and exposure, he is a young man endowed with superlative vision and commitment. Most importantly, he understands the importance of the blueprint for development.

“He esteems it as a reliable and well-conceived vehicle for the future development of the state. He also knows the value of reaching out and working with others in order to maximise development and provide people the best leadership possible.

“With people like him at the helm, the state will write the proper history for itself. When the final word is given let it be said that we want all Lagosians to look to the future with the hope and optimism that our best days remain before us and not behind us.

“We walk into this primary strong and confidently believing in the right course we are to take. We shall emerge from this primary even stronger and more confident that we have taken that course by returning Lagos and our party to their finest path.

“My goal is and shall always be a better Lagos. To this objective, I have dedicated the greater part of my public life. Roughly 20 years ago, a corps of dedicated and patriotic Lagosians, put aside personal interests and rivalries, to put their minds and best ideas together for the good of the state.

“Out of this collaborative effort, was born a masterplan for economic development that would improve the daily lives of our people.”

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