By Chris Okobah

In the last few weeks, a USA based former journalist with Punch Newspaper, Azuka Jebose had bombarded his Facebook page with malicious and outrageous lies against Non (Prince) Ned Nwoko, a well known international lawyer, politician and philanthropist.

Azuka’s aim, according to those who are close to the billionaire politician is to deliberately fabricate lies and falsehood in order to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of the man of the people..Here is a response to some of the wicked lies of Azuka Jebose being promoted on his Facebook page……

Why is Azuka Jebose after Dr Ned Nwoko’s hard built name, who are his sponsors and what are his benefits.?


All this cynicism and misinformation by Azuka Jebose is myopic and is geared towards one motive and that is to smear the name of an Innocent man prince Dr Ned Nwoko.

The bombast and the delusional allegation and the embrace of ignorance by Azuka Jebose and his sponsors, “stand singularly alone at the top of a previously unreachable pyramid.”

The long-established rule of fairness, one of the greatest products of noblemen is calling a spade a spade. Azuka is a recalcitrant liar who takes delight in falsehoods with deliberate intent to deceive or incite the public; his hubby is to feed the public with intentional falsehood thereby inciting them to violence.

In all honesty, the truth has suffered a deadly blow. Blackmail has become respectable. I wish Azuka backs away from this sentimental spurious allegations and remains abstruse. His lies are beyond comprehension because Ned is not the police, the police investigated the crime and had all the culprits arrested and detained for violent crimes one of the crimes is arson which is a serious crime.

Everything he has posted including this is supported by falsehood and has failed to collaborate with actuality. I have been following Azuka Jebose Molokwu’s posts with regard to this matter involving Prince Dr Ned Nwoko, he has failed to tell the story with unbiased mind and purity, instead he has engaged the use of falsehood and subverting the general rule of fairness. Rancour and acrimony are like a drug which usually goes on accumulating like intoxicant; the more you express the virulence, the more it is exacted, Azuka is dangerously infected with falsehoods beyond redemption.

We can’t allow people like Azuka Jebose to blackmail, and continue to tarnish the good name of a  kind-hearted and loving man Like Dr Ned Nwoko through his use of libellous falsehood as a weapon. Every conceivable cruel method of falsehood and impetuosity has been used to paint Dr Ned Nwoko as a bad and callous man which is far from the truth and against the principle of fairness and natural justice.

Azuka Jebose, is like the devil incarnate, has refused to follow the part of honesty by lying, the use of spurious and incendiary shenanigans in the name of journalism is tantamount to blackmail. It must be manifesting and abundantly clear that all his stories are motivated by inordinate expectation from his sponsors, as a result, he has failed to restrain himself from self-satire and dubious posts, and even more dubious honesty which unusually or disproportionately is synonymous with excessive bias. His write-ups are made by a process of blackmail, executed in a manner unrestrained in his falsehood and wholly devoid of genuine interest…

By Chris Okobah Ph.D, Dr icrmp,Ciarb