Balarabe Musa, a former governor of Kaduna, says Igbo should take over Nigeria presidency in 2019.

In an interview with The Sun, Musa said it would be a donation because those elected to the office of president “have nothing to do with the votes of the people”.

The former governor said the south-east has not produced a president because the Igbo bourgeoisie are more competitive than that of the north and south put together.

“The north has been in power for so many times. Even out of 10 former presidents, I think seven are from the north, one from the south-west, and one from south-south, and none from the south-east, why none from the south-east?” Musa asked


“It is because of the fear of northern oligarchy and the south-west bourgeoisie, because the Igbo bourgeoisie is republican and more competitive than the northern and southern bourgeoisie? Why not comply with national character and donate the presidency, because it is a donation, this time to the Igbo. It is donation because it has nothing to do with the votes of the people.

“Igbo are more Nigerian than the north or south-west in terms of their commitments to the unity of Nigeria. And this is right from 1950s. They are more committed to the Nigeria project. Let’s even talk of tribe; the Igbo are more committed to national unity.

“The Igbo are more competitive than the Hausa and the Yoruba. The Hausa and Yoruba bourgeoisie are afraid of this, in particular when there is so much to share in Nigeria. They are afraid of the Igbo because they are not competitive. Igbo are more competitive because they don’t have inhibition.”

He also described the letters by ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida, former military president, to President Muhammadu Buhari as “stupid”.

“Nobody should be deceived. They have not performed better than Buhari. In what way have any of them performed better than Buhari. In fact, you can say Buhari is less exposed to so many things like corruption and so on,” Musa said.

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