Cigarette smoking is worse than shisha smoking has to be one of the famous myths among youths in Nigeria beyond. With prices going for N3500 or more and coming in flavour variants, smoking shisha has become one of the trends. In fact, some hold the opinion that smoking shisha does cause harm to the body. These group of people describe smoking shisha as simply taking flavoured smoke.

Where did this belief start?

In the 15th century, Hakim Abu Faith, a physician believed that tobacco, when passed through cold water and a filter will make it safer. This, alongside the flavours and word of mouth, made it widespread.


However, this has been proved wrong.

A shisha session usually lasts 20 mins to over an hour. What this means is that one puff equals one stick of cigarette. That is not all, That is not all, the WHO (World Health Organization) revealed that smoking via a hookah for one hour equals smoking 100 cigarettes. Worse of all, it introduces charcoal, coal and wood that activates cancer-causing agents in the system. Smoking shisha means you are exposed to 15 more times carbon monoxide, carcinogens, nicotine, 36 times more carcinogenic tar and arsenic toxin.

Just like cigarettes, a second-hand or occasional smoker is also exposed to the same risks. While some claim that shisha smoking is not addictive because of the cold water, which they believe to reduce the effects of the nicotine, not all nicotine is affected by the water.

Why not seek help to stop it all together?

Culled from The Guardian NG